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Cogito Classic - connected watch for the social and fashionable crowd

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Cogito Classic


A few months ago, I had the pleasure of reviewing the stylish Cogito Pop connected watch. Now I have the distinct luxury of reviewing the top of the line model from ConnectedDevice - Cogito Classic.

Compatible with iOS 7 and Android 4.3 devices, Cogito Classic is similar to Cogito Pop in many ways. Both are “connected watches”, capable of transmitting LED notifications on the watch face, such as incoming calls, emails, texts and social media messages and can act as a remote music control and camera shutter. However, the Classic goes a step further by incorporating both a digital and analog display, capable of displaying the name of who’s calling or instant messaging, in addition to a more sophisticated design that's appropriate for business or active environments.

Although I like Cogito Classic much more than the lower cost Cogito Pop, its retail price of $179 places this device in direct competition with other watches better fitting the description of a smartwatch. Take for instance Pebble’s introductory line of smartwatches at $150. While Pebble’s base model is much like either Cogito, in that it sends out notifications, acts as a music control and is compatible with iOS and Android devices, Pebble has far more functionality, with more than 1,000 available apps, including games, social media and GPS and hundreds of options to customize its watchface. Moreover, Pebble was the leading smartwatch retailer for the first quarter of 2014, outdistancing the likes of Sony and Samsung. Lastly, in terms of clearer information on specifications of its watches, Pebble wins out once more.

Nevertheless, Cogito Classic does have some advantages over the entry level Pebble: water resistance is rated higher, is more attractive, appears to have a sturdier watchband and perhaps most importantly, never needs recharging because, like the Cogito Pop, is powered by standard cell button batteries. I also prefer the Cogito Classic’s style and looks versus Pebble top of the line model - Steel. But the question many consumers will ponder is, should I purchase a smartwatch with an endless supply of apps or a connected watch?

Despite an overall impression of the Cogito Classic earns a five star rating, I do have some concerns as do other tech reviewers and consumers. In comparison to similarly priced watches, Classic gets a four star rating for features, but this is offset, in part by its award-winning looks and contemporary appeal.

I hope to see more functionality for future versions, especially if ConnectedDevices continues to offer this device at $179, as it attempts to expand market share in an ever-competitive smartwatch industry. It really is a matter of whether consumers will embrace Cogito Classic, designed for the busy, social and fashionable crowd over smartwatches that are more affordable with more features.