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'Code Red' Movie Review: Zombie beware

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'Code Red'


It's WWII and the Russians and Germans are fighting over Stalingrad. The Germans are being overrun by the Russians. The Russians have a secret nerve gas that will affect all involved. You see it makes people who were dead come back to life and turn into zombies. The allies are able to keep this a secret for over 70 years, until the gas surfaces again in Bulgaria.

Captain John McGahey (Paul Logan) is called in to investigate the incident. He arrives in Bulgaria and immediately wants to see NATO Doctor Anna Bennett ( Manal El-Feitury). Dr. Bennett had a patient who had died on the table but came back to life some hours later. It attacked her nurse and Bennett shot and killed the zombie for a second time.

She was not believed and was subsequently fired. When McGahey arrived she told him the whole story and he knew exactly what they were up against. McGahey that night went to the munitions bunker that held the gas to make sure it was what he thought. While there the Bulgarian commander had ordered that the chemical gas be exploded.

Unfortunately what took place was for the whole island to become contaminated with the gas. Some were able to get to a bunker. Others were left to fend for themselves top side. A Code Red was ordered and the entire area was to be raised and destroyed.

This left some who weren't contaminated in a precarious position. Watch the rest of the movie to see if the world can be saved from this problem gas.

Entertainment One is releasing the DVD for this movie to be sold February 4, 2014. The quality is excellent. Sound and visual are of the highest quality. Along with the movie you will receive behind the scenes outtakes and a featurette on the making of the film.

So take the time and see whether the world will turn into Zombies or whether the containment of the gas can be achieved. Suggestion, make sure you lock the door just in case. Enjoy.