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Cocktail and Food review: Haru Times Square NYC

Haru Times Square
Haru Times Square
Francisco Lopez

Haru Japanese Cuisine


Haru, a premier name in modern Japanese cuisine, has opened its NEW flagship restaurant: Haru Times Square. Located just steps up the street from our original home in the Theater District, the new Haru Times Square. Haru has a total of 6 locations throughout Manhattan, the food and drinks continue to be really good.

Haru Red Lotus

Haru invited some of us media folks to try their menu and their signature seasonal cocktail, Red Lotus. The tasting menu included Chicken Yakitori, fish tacos, shrimp tempura, king crab dumplings, sushi, grilled spicy garlic shrimp (not spicy at all), chicken teriyaki, and specialty rolls. My favorites were the tempura, grilled shrimp, 6/8 of the assorted sushi, fish tacos and the dumplings. The Red Lotus cocktail was amazing here’s the recipe:

2 oz. peach vodka

1 oz. cranberry juice

3 lychees

1 lime wedge

1 lychee for garnish

Muddle lychees and shake with vodka, juice and syrup, squeeze in some lime, drop the wedge in and shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass, garnish the drink with lychee for soothing effect.

For all that already have eaten at Haru, the times square location does not break tradition, for those who have not experience Haru, take any day of the week and visit anyone of their locations, I recommend it. By the way, have multiple Red Lotus, TRUST ME! Haru Times Square is located on 229 West 43rd Street, Unit 221, New York. Prices for food and drinks work great for anyone who's on a budget. Haru is good for family, gatherings, after work drinks and food, but i wont recommend for a first and or second date.

For more food reviews click on #Foodies. Cheers and Salute!

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