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Coachies training treats - a lip smacking success

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Coachies training treats - turkey flavor


Dog owners are constantly searching for safe and tasty treats to use while training their dogs and as rewards for good behavior. The Coachies training treats fit virtually all criteria an owner could ask for!

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The product review sample from The Company of Animals came in the turkey flavor but lamb is also offered. These are mini treats - only one calorie each! they also offer puppy training treats in rabbit and chicken flavors.

The company was founded by Dr. Roger Mugford in the United Kingdom and has recently expanded to Canada, making their products available to dog owners in North America. Treats are a new addition to the product line which has many training aids. In fact, the website contains many training tips for dog owners.

The training treats are perfect for anyone whose dog loves food. These are tiny morsels to help keep your dog interested but not contributing to any weight problems. Each treat is about the size of a single peanut. That makes these ideal treats for puppies and small dogs.

The treats are grain free so they are appropriate for dogs with gluten sensitivities. Turkey meat is the first ingredient. Potato flour and peas are included which can cause problems for some dogs. The fats are preserved naturally with tocopherols and citric acid - natural preservatives. These treats are not intended to be a complete diet for your dog, so limit training treats to ten percent or less of your dog's daily food intake.

The Coachies training treats are manufactured in Canada and distributed in the United States through company offices in Bridgeport, Connecticut. These treats can be purchased online - click here for sites - or at Petco and Petsence stores. A 6 oz package sells for $4.95 and contains many, many individual treats.

The test dogs were not impressed by the fact that the Corgis owned by the Queen of England may use some of these treats themselves but they were impressed by the treats. All four dogs, ranging from two year old Belgian Tervuren Doc to fifteen year old Belgian Tervuren Dani thought the treats were excellent.

With the small size, a handful would easily give you enough Coachies training treats for a full training session. The dog quickly swallows them, so they don't disrupt a training practice for chewing. All four dogs loved the turkey flavor.

Top quality ingredients, safe production and great flavor all add up to an excellent training treat.