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Coach perfume less than purses, worth more in long run

This is a Kohl's Coach perfume tester bottle..
(Shamontiel L. Vaughn)

Coach perfume: Poppy Freesia Blossom


As the Chicago Personal Finance Examiner, the idea of purchasing a purse that costs more than what's in a savings account or regularly in a checking account is disturbing. Consumers purchase Coach for the brand name. Whether the quality is worth the price is a matter of opinion, but what is indeed worth $65 or more is their perfume.

Coach has several fragrance options that range from $22 rollerball perfume to $102 for a three-piece gift set, and that's still cheaper than the lowest price of the purses ($138). To be fair, there is an under $100 section for wallets, jewelry, belts and so forth.

The Poppy Freesia Blossom perfume is particularly pleasant. The initial top notes are horrible. But again, the trick with top notes, middle notes and base notes are that the latter two stay around for much longer. Try this perfume on skin, not on paper, for the full effect. Once Poppy Freesia Blossom perfume sits on skin for a few minutes, the aroma takes a dramatically different turn.

The fuchsia perfume bottle comes with a gold top. Inside of the bottle the notes are bergamot, cassis, berries and apricot; then a heart of star jasmine, white orchid and freesia; and the base notes are vanilla and brown sugar. Sometimes base notes are met with skepticism, and consumers just have to take the description at its word. In this case, the smell of vanilla and a sweet smell like brown sugar do indeed stand out. There's a light flowery scent after the top notes calm down, but the sweeter notes stand out more.

If the rest of the Coach fragrances are anything like Poppy Freesia Blossom, Coach is on another roll.

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