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'Cliffhanger' is action-packed



Renny Harlin has never been accused of making a chick-flick. This weekend, his film "The Legend of Hercules" is opening, and the advance trailers suggest that it will be as testosterone-driven as his earlier work. For those in the mood for movies that show men using their brawn to solve problems, check out Harlin's 1993 film "Cliffhanger."

"Cliffhanger" stars Sylvester Stallone as Gabe Walker, a despondent mountain ranger who is struggling to recover from a mountain climbing accident where someone died. A year later, a plane crashes in the same mountain range. In the plane was Eric Qualen (played by John Lithgow), the leader of a group of thieves. They are looking for boxes of money that went down with the plane. Gabe is asked to go to the mountain range to assist, but he does not know he is going to help a group of dangerous thieves.

"Cliffhanger" has great cinematography. The outdoor locations look very impressive. This movie was filmed at the mountains, which adds realism.

Sylvester Stallone, as usual, makes a good action hero. John Lithgow makes a great villain. He has a creepy voice and a sinister, unsettling demeanor.

The action scenes in the film are first-rate. One of the best scenes in the film is when the plane crashes. This scene begins with a hijacking on another plane. The thieves then go to another plane, which crashes. This is all very suspenseful.

"Cliffhanger" ranks among Stallone's best action films, and it offers an excellent example of the tough, strong guy movie that Renny Harlin has staked his reputation.