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Webinars are not a new concept, having evolved out of teleseminars and telephone conferencing. They are certainly being used more and more and according to CNN, experiencing "explosive growth."

Online webinars are getting easier and easier.
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Forbes is all over the concept of using webinars in business. Even last year, Forbes shared the news about how wonderful G+ Hangouts On Air are for webinars, providing opportunities for training and further development of techniques for hangouts. Forbes continues with their coverage of webinars for small businesses, featuring Jane Pollack and her tips for how to use webinars effectively.

Ariel Ford, in her article in Huffington Post, touts that webinars and teleseminars are an excellent (and fun!) way to grow the email list, as well as credibility. This has been demonstrated through the use of webinars for education, prospecting, meetings, awareness, and much more. Huffington Post's Danny Wong chimes in with his 13 tips for successful webinars.

With online webinars as a part of a growing strategy for businesses, opportunities have been identified for software developers to create new and improved systems to accommodate the growing needs of webinar providers and attendees.

There are several webinar platforms available. The free options tend to have a higher learning curve and more third party integrations needed to reach the desired level of professionalism. The paid services tend to have the potential for an easier-to-use interface, as well as support options. is one such software platform, built for webinars, by people who understand the needs of the webinar providers and the attendees. Set-Up

The set-up is one of the most pain-free set-ups out there. After entering four fields of information and verifying the email address, the new client is in, with their free trial. To complete the profile, there is an option to pull the data from Facebook or Linkedin. This includes the photo so that the new ClickWebinar user doesn't have to hunt on his or her computer to find the profile pic.

The interface itself is clean and easy-to-follow and allows the new user to feel like a pro within minutes. Delivers

The features that one would expect in a webinar software are important and include things like professional presentation, desktop sharing, easy-to-navigate audio and video controls, and group chat. has all of these webinar features, and more. They also include chat translation, allowing the global aspect of the webinar to open into more areas and languages.

The people at understand the need for quality. They understand that companies don't want to just slap something together and hope it works, but that the company needs something of value, and as puts it, to "look like a million bucks."

The nice thing is that this company offers the ability for companies to try out the service for 30 days to ensure that it meets (and exceeds) all expectations. The sign-up is quick, free, and provides enough time to plan out your webinar agenda and invite people to the next webinar.

Now all that is left is to decide who and what. The "where" is covered with a few clicks, at

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