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Click coffee infused protein shakes - The perfect post workout drink.

Click coffee infused protein shake
Click coffee infused protein shake
Click Press Release Kit

Click coffe infused protein poweder


Everybody knows that protein plays an important role in our day to day lives, and that it plays an even more important role when you are trying to either lose weight, boost your energy after a workout, or repair those muscles that have been working hard. The bad thing is that protein drinks and mixes that are currently on the market do not taste that great, and often leave a bad taste in the mouth. This is where Click - The Espresso Protein Drink takes center stage. I was fortunate enough to receive two sample packets and one of Clicks BlenderBottles to review. After tasting the products I have to admit that I may never look at protein drinks in the same way again.

What is Click?

Click makes some protein mixes that are infused with a double shot of espresso. Yes that's right, a double shot. The claims on the packaging are bold and they state that their mixes offer a great coffee taste that packs 150mg of caffeine, 15g of protein, 23 different vitamins and minerals, and that the drink is low in sugar (6g), and calories (120). All I knew is that I could not wait to try this product after my workout, especially with such bold clams about how great it tastes.

How does it taste?

The time had come for me to try this new coffee infused protein drink. Currently there are three flavors available, and they are mocha, caramel and vanilla. There are three ways that you can make Click. You can make the drink cold, hot or blended. This already offers much more in the way of versatility when compared to other protein drinks. It was not a hot day so I decided to make mine cold

The BlenderBottle is a medium sized, 20oz vessel that has an easy to access spout on the top. The really cool thing is that the bottle comes with a whisk that sits inside. When you get ready to make your drink you simply put in the whisk, add the powder and then pour in either water (filtered is best), or milk (if you want extra protein), place the lid on the bottle and then shake for 25 seconds. I used filtered water when I made mine and the result was a smooth, creamy texture that looked and smelled just like an iced coffee beverage, but how did it taste?

To put this as simply as I possibly can, the shake was amazing. I honestly could not believe I was drinking a protein shake. The texture was light, there was no grit, and no bad protein aftertaste. Honestly all you could taste was the great coffee flavor that was promised. The Mocha flavor offered a great coffee flavor with a nice chocolate undertone, while the vanilla (my personal favorite) offered a slightly stronger coffee taste while being a little sweeter. While I enjoyed mine cold, I could definitely see me replacing my morning cup of Joe with a click espresso protein shake as I am sure it would be fantastic as a hot beverage.

Both of the flavors were excellent. You would honestly find it very difficult to tell the difference between this coffee infused protein shake and a expensive iced coffee drink from a specialty coffee shop. The upside to this is that you are knocking out your need for protein and your desire for a caffeine fix in one shot. The other great advantage to this is that while you are enjoying your drink, you will also be saving money.


If you are like many others out there who are unsatisfied with the protein shakes that have been on the market for a long time, I highly recommend this product. With Click you are getting a great tasting, coffee infused protein shake that delivers big on flavor and big on nutrition, while also giving you a burst of energy from the caffeine. No bad aftertaste, no grittiness, just a smooth coffee flavored shake that will replenish your energy and repair your muscles.

You can buy Click in either 16oz canisters that cost $24.95, or you can buy single serve packs that are easy to throw in your gym bag. You can order directly from their website or you can purchase from retailers around the web or brick and mortar stores.