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Cleopatra’s secret revealed in new seven step skincare regimen

Gavee Gold


Legend goes that Cleopatra used gold to keep her skin looking young and luminous. Since her time between 69 BC and 30 BC the precious metal has found its way into many skincare lines, the most recent, a Las Vegas company called Gavée Gold Collection. Infused with purified 24K liquid gold that aged for 20+ years, plus other organic and never-before-seen ingredients in cosmetics, the collection consists of seven products that comprise daily skincare routine. For some people the need for this many bottles may sound a bit daunting as well as time-consuming since you apply all seven twice daily. But for those of us who really care about our complexion, it’s worth the effort and money.

A luxurious mousse-like skin polisher
Courtesy of Toffany Andersen of Gavee Gold

And since Gavée Gold founder Tiffany Andersen generously supplied me with collection, I have been making the time to test the line and it’s passing with flying colors. It is different than say OROGOLD which packages creams in gorgeous jars. Gavée comes in rather simple blue bottles with gold tops except for the polish which is packaged more extravagantly. Still the bottom line is how it works, and so far so good that spas and hotels are clamoring to stock it. The secret didn’t die with Cleo, it’s all in that spagyrically purified 24k gold that Tiffany was fortunate enough to get the rights to use. Your skin responds pretty fast but you don’t really see major results for a couple of days when that golden glow takes over.

It’s important to use the products in concert (which goes for any skincare, it’s never good to mix brands, stick with one from cleanser to moisturizer).

Gavée Gold consists of:

Gold Citrus Cleanse—a very lightly scented gel that washes gently and costs but doesn’t foam as well I’d prefer and costs $38.00. However I love the Diamond Cell Salt Polish which is a mousse-like gentle exfoliator that buffs and cleans but it is only intended for use once a week.

Gold Citrus Mist, a refreshing spray made up of Pro Vitamin B5 and super fruits (mangosteen, açai, noni and goji berry)that perks up your skin.

Liquid Gold Peptides serum that’s intended to brighten and moisturized. It’s infused with antioxidants, peptides, purified liquid gold and other vital elements nourishes the skin while building collagen. Again it’s best to use twice daily and costs $149.

Heart of Gold Elixir a rich cream that melts on your skin and helps hold the moisture in the skin and contains tiny 24K gold flakes in a gel base that add a subtle shimmer to the skin. This sells for $155 and should be applied in the morning after cleansing, toning and serum and at night.

All the products in the Gold Collection contain the Trivec™ rejuvenating blend of aged Oil of Gold, vintage homeopathic Mineral Cell Salts and Oil of Egg (organic Super Omega Oils 3-6-9). All three of these key elements have been spagyrically processed, meaning to separate, recombine and purify.

Key ingredient benefits include:

  • -Aged Oil of Gold, called “elixir of life” in historical cultures, decreases skin inflammation, reduces age spots and stimulates cellular growth resulting in tighter, healthier, firmer skin. In ancient Egypt, the beauty-conscious Cleopatra was known to have maintained her youthful skin by sleeping in a 24K gold face mask.
  • -Mineral Cell Salts, called “the salts of life,” are proven to replenish all 12 minerals vital to healthy skin.
  • -Oil of Egg (containing no egg proteins) is easily absorbed, improves skin smoothness and elasticity, reduce dryness and refines pores. An anti-bacterial agent, it also helps to control acne and repair skin irritations.

The products please the skin and are more reasonably-priced than other gold-based cosmetics.

Should you want to sample the products yourself order the Gavée Gold Travel Kit, which the company if offering for a special $69.99 price through August 30, 214 if you use the coupon code: GOLD at Gavée Gold or by phone at 1-800-684-8298.

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