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Earlier this year I had a chance to experience a breakthrough in skincare revolution called Clear Clinic @Home. Just launched in January, the at-home delivery acne system is like having your own personal dermatologist for your skin. Clear Clinic locations are all over the city, but not everyone has the luxury of getting to them, so was created to give acne suffers the ability to get similar service from home.

My Clear Clinic Labs experience began with my products arriving to my home. The kit is a two-month supply of Tea Tree Wash, Serious Action Serum, Deeppore Pads and a Prep & Soothe moisturizer. A few days before my kit arrived, I was contacted by Julie via email with my tracking number and asked if there was any questions I might have.

Julie is my Personal Acne Coach at Clear Clinic @Home. Her sole purpose is to follow up with me, let her know of any concerns or problems I may be having with my regiment.

A few days after my kit arrived Julie and I did a skype call, where Julie evaluated my skin and told me tips on the continuation with Clear Clinic Lab. She asked me things like "if I was having any irritation?" or "if I had been seeing a difference in my skin?". Following our skype meeting, Julie checked in on me every week and on my skin's progress.

I don't have acne, but I do get break outs and in the 2 months I used Clear Clinic @Home I had no breakouts most of the time, and if I did they were easier to control and went away quicker. My favorite products from the system is the Deeppore Pads and the Serious Action Serum. They were a little harsh on my skin at first, but after 21 days my skin got used to it. They both are great for zits and I was even using them on my body to dry out ingrown hairs. The pads are also amazing for back breakouts.

Clear Clinic @Home is definitely worth looking into. It's safe, easy to use, and having the Personal Acne Coach is one of the most ingenious ideas ever. The best part is that this entire process can be done from the privacy of your own home. When I was skyping Julie, I was in bed, relaxing. I mean it really doesn't get any simpler than that. Besides being convenient, the products actually work. Getting dermatologist worthy products for the price of over the counter products is great.

To learn more about goto or call 1-800-34-CLEAR

Clear Clinic Labs ClearME – Acne sufferers rejoice! ClearME padsare medicated treatment pads designed to fight acne and enhance complexion. Simply swipe one over skin after cleaning in the evening to clear skin with a combination of salicylic acid and glycolic acid while you sleep.