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CleanMyMac 2 may just be the best app for cleaning your Mac

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MacPaw Bundle - featuring CleanMyMac 2


In case you missed MacPaw’s booth last year at MacWorld/iWorld, they'll be back this year and it might be worth your time to check them out. Not just because they’ll be passing out MacPaw goodies, but to also test their powerful apps from the MacPaw Bundle, featuring the award-winning disk utility CleanMyMac2.

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So what does CleanMyMac 2 do? MacPaw says it best –

“CleanMyMac2 is an ingeniously simple, yet surprisingly powerful application for keeping your Mac clean, organized and free of files that slow it down. It’s simply the best app for cleaning up your Mac!”

Following a number of favorable reviews from leading sources such as MacWorld, CNET and an Editor’s Choice five star rating from MacWorld UK, CleanMyMac2 has gained quite a bit of attention. In fact, its most prominent client is the world’s largest social media platform – Facebook, giving the system utility app an elite stamp of approval. Moreover, its predecessor CleanMyMac was a two-time Reader’s Choice Winner as Best Mac System Utility from, outranking the highly regarded DiskWarrior and TechToolPro. Since its initial release two years ago, CleanMyMac and version 2 have combined for nearly 9.5 million downloads.

Yet with all these superlatives, including its beautifully designed interface and ease of use, many Mac users have differences of opinion whether a third party utility app is truly necessary, arguing its use can (or will) wreak havoc on your Mac computer and any system problem can be better handled by the Mac itself. And yes, by all indications, there have been reports of problems such as the dreaded kernel attack that crashes a Mac, error messages, problems with the Finder and missing critical files.

However, there are many Mac users who can greatly benefit from CleanMyMac2, provided they understand what the app can do, in part because it may be easier than complex problem solving associated with contemporary Mac computers. If all else fails, their support staff can assist with any troubleshooting.

This top rated app has several key features, such as Full Scan function capable of identifying files that can be removed, Automatic Cleanup that purportedly “removes files which are 100 percent safe for deletion” and System Cleanup to remove “caches, logs and archives and frees up system resources for a better performing Mac”. Other features include an option to remove large and old files, iPhoto Cleanup, Trash Cleanup to empty trash folders of a Mac’s internal and external volumes and an Extension Manager capable of reviewing and managing all app extensions on a single dashboard. There’s also an Uninstaller option allowing a user to remove unneeded uninstallers on your hard drive.

In testing all of these features, I was able to remove a significant of amount of unnecessary files, including system log files and large files no longer needed. CleanMyMac2 performed efficiently and effectively over a full week of testing and contrary to some complaints, did not experience any issues with a missing file, error messages, etc. Still, this is not to discount any Mac user’s past troubles with this app, in addition to those who strongly oppose using a third party app.

Nevertheless, quite simply, CleanMyMac2 is one of the better third party system utilities app I’ve tested, if not the very best. While there may be complications associated with this app, as long as it’s not used carelessly, can be an excellent compliment to Apple’s Disk Doctor. Thus, for this review despite a slight caveat, am awarding the MacPaw Bundle with a five star rating. The MacPaw Bundle also includes Gemini, which locates duplicate files with an option to easily remove them and MacHider although an updated version is expected to be unveiled at MacWorld San Francisco.

My advice is to speak with MacPaw’s outstanding staff at MacWorld, give the app a try and ask plenty of questions. If you decide to download the demo, don’t hesitate to contact their support team for any other questions. CleanMyMac2 is only available for Mac OSX 10.7 or higher. For older Mac OS versions, try CleanMyMac Classic.

Headquartered in Kiev, MacPaw also has an office in Silicon Valley, not far from the new San Francisco 49ers Levis Stadium. If you visit their website, be sure to visit their About page for some amusing pics of their talented team.