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Clean me up: ReVive cream cleanser

ReVive Cream Cleanser


When it comes to beauty, figuring out what products are best for a glowing and radiant complexion can be most perplexing. Sifting through label after label of similarly beneficial items just gets tired quickly. Plus spending precious pennies without sound knowledge and advice is akin to tossing cash down...well, you know. This is precisely where I come in...

Today, I am reviewing ReVive Cream Cleanser.

The ReVive line was designed with a biotechnical research background by Dr. Gregory Brown, a Harvard trained plastic and reconstructive surgeon. This adds a unique skill set well worth the extra dollars($75).

The major power ingredient is Jojoba Oil., which is a softening agent. The softness is undeniable. After the initial application, a satiny smooth and glowing finish was left behind. This was before any moisturizers! I would definitely suggest this for drier skin.

What about the cleansing power and the lathering factor? I have used many cleansers and they weren't necessarily impressive nor unimpressive. The ReVive Cream Cleanser was simply divine in texture and consistency. Not too runny, this one rests in your hand, ready for application. Also, the feeling on my skin was something I could easily become accustomed to. A nice, thick lather that feels just as great as it smells was my reward for trying this luxury product. This one reminds me of a sweet child's medicine, not something overtly chemical. A daily regimen becomes a spa like experience.

I give ReVive Cream Cleanser my highest thumbs up for a cleanser that makes perfect sense. Effective, glamorous while being totally useful, and a must-have part of an everyday routine. try it today by visiting the ReVive website.