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Classic game franchises made a bit more explicit with 'Starbomb'

Egoraptor and NSP team up to bring a new perspective on classic games.
Egoraptor and NSP team up to bring a new perspective on classic games.
Arin Hanson, Leigh Avidan, Brian Wecht



Gamers who frequent YouTube have undoubtedly heard of Game Grumps, a casual “let's play” series starring Arin Hanson, also known as Egoraptor, and Leigh “Danny” Avidan from Ninja Sex Party (NSP). This gaming channel gained over one million subscribers within its first year, spawning dozens of memes and a devoted fanbase along the way. Considering their online success, it's no surprise that Egoraptor and NSP have teamed up to form a new group called Starbomb. They released their self-titled debut album on December 17th of last year, though the immense amount of pre-orders have made physical copies hard to come by. For those still unsure about this comedy mash-up, here's why we think Starbomb is worth your hard-earned rupees.

Those who are already fans of Egoraptor and Ninja Sex Party know exactly what to expect from this release. The sexual nature of NSP's work fits exceptionally well with Egoraptor's video game-based humor, leading to some hilarious scenarios we'd never expect to see these characters in. It's apparent that everyone involved were huge fans of the games being parodied, and that a lot of effort went into representing these characters. Every track is littered with witty references to the source material, and fans will love some of the more obscure jokes. The album also boasts some incredible energy from beginning to end, without a single song feeling phoned in or weak.

Most songs on the album play out as double act routines. Either Arin or Danny will play a character as the straight man, only to be interrupted by the other one's more absurd take on the franchise being parodied. A good example of this is “Luigi's Ballad”, which was given an official animated music video upon the album's release. This track begins with Danny's Luigi doing his best to court Princess Peach (played by Rachel Bloom), with a soft, heartfelt love song. It isn't long before his older brother Mario jumps in with a barrage of sexual innuendos and explicit remarks. The way Arin and Danny play off of each other, and their ability to continuously switch things up, are what make this, and most of the album's tracks, work.

Starbomb also boasts some excellent production quality, with crisp vocals and catchy tunes that, at times, can be very reminiscent of the games being parodied. Danny's vocals really shine in this album, his delivery being a stark contrast to the more 'raw' flow of Arin's rapping. The track that best shows off their combined talents is definitely “Crasher-vania”, a Castlevania parody that has Arin playing Dracula; whose harmless parties are constantly interrupted by the blood-thirsty Simon Belmont (played by Danny). Arin gets to do a bit of voice acting, donning an accent for Dracula and different voices for his guests, while Danny's powerful vocals are a joy to listen to. Another album highlight is “Regretroid”, a Metroid parody that features Emily Hughes as an extremely annoyed Samus, who is tired of having to deal with misogynistic enemies like Kraid.

If we had one complaint, it'd be that this album is incredibly short, clocking in at only 26 minutes. The album features 13 tracks, two of which are the spoken intro and outro. The 11 actual songs on Starbomb are all relatively short, with “The Simple Plot of Final Fantasy 7” being the longest at a whopping 2:50. A few songs fall just short of the two minute mark, making us feel that more could have been done with their concepts.

Of course, the short length of these tracks also works to the album's advantage. On an album where the main focus is the lyrical content, it's important that the songs themselves never drag. Most of the songs rely on one core joke or funny concept, and the short length of these tracks prevents these jokes from becoming stale.

Overall, the collaboration between Arin Hanson and Ninja Sex Party's Danny Sexbang and Brian Wecht has yielded some awesome tracks that pay tribute to some of the biggest franchises in gaming. The album is currently available on iTunes and Amazon, though a physical copy may be more difficult to obtain at this moment.

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