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Claim Jumper Avondale, Arizona

A very comfortable place to be..
A very comfortable place to Vance Eaglin

Happy Hour at Claim Jumper Avondale


Good Day Readers! I hope all your days are Happy and all your Hours comfortably full of life. Happy Hour comes in all shapes and sizes as do we all as people who seek out a good Happy Hour. Bars, Restaurants, and Clubs also come in all shapes and sizes. Claim Jumper in Avondale, Arizona as is,, is one of the more upscale casual restaurants that you can find anywhere. The outside view of the establishment as well as the inside immaculate view, scream comfort. Comfort foods as well as a comfortable setting. Happy Hour is a part of what Claim Jumper has to offer and has staked their claim to dig into the Happy Hour gold mine. The main menu is extensive and has a lot to offer to a wide range of people including the ever loving vegetarian. Hours of Happy are Monday thru Friday from 3pm to 6:30pm and Saturday from 11am till 3pm. Shorter hours mean you have to be a little quick to get in there to enjoy the event, but with signature drinks and appetizers, Claim Jumper does not fall short. One of the more beloved signature drinks of one of the more beloved bartenders at Claim Jumper is the "Skinny Lemon Berry Mojito". Sounds good by name alone. Through the football season, Claim Jumper has an extended Happy Hour which is all day Sunday. Monday nights, from 3pm until close and the same Thursday from 3pm till close. Claim Jumper "got football". They also got a whole lot of appetizers to go along with your drink choices ranging from $2.00 on up to around 6 bucks. Happy Hour at Claim Jumper is a well kept secret but it's out now. Happy Hour at Claim Jumper earns a 7.25 on our happy meter which runs from 1 to 10. See you at the next spot.

Claim Jumper
Claim Jumperby Vance Eaglin