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City Flare meets Westside Hot Spot

Maxum Bar & Grill


We've all done it; passed that local Bar & Grill 100 times on our way to the city to get our dance and drink on every Friday night. I know I'm guilty of it many times over. Well, Im here to tell you that this not-so little local lounge I was invited to this past Friday is definitely one you don't want to pass up!

Maxum Lounge
Cover Free Friday's at Maxum

I'm often privy to some great deals at numerous bars, clubs and restaurants. Some worth sharing and some you'll want to avoid however, Cover Free Friday at Maxum in Willowbrook is a spot you need to add to your go-to list! This place has it all, plenty of free parking is well worth the visit anytime since most city joints that have parking, charge you a few drinks worth to keep your car in one spot for the night. From the time we arrived it was an A+ experience. The door staff was welcoming, yes, an actual smile greeted us. As we passed through the doors the music instantly got me in the mood to hit the dance floor. The Dj rocked it all night! The drinks were flowing from 2 bars, the first in the main room where the party never stopped. A great dance floor and plenty of seating unlike most places I've been. In the next room was a sight you almost never see anymore, a game room with billiards tables. And finally into the VIP room where you find the most comfortable seating around, plent of tables to get your bottles and party the night away with your crew!

The bartenders and servers are H-O-T hot and sweet as can be.

Maxum has a great patio area where smoking is allowed and yes girls, the restrooms are nice and clean.

I suggest arriving early to avoid the line of party-goers who have already found this hidden gem. If you're planning on hosting a special event call ahead to reserve your table and bottle service.

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Phone- 630.789.6800