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Christmas Diamond highlights women pilots

“Christmas Diamond” by Hallee Bridgeman  is about a female pilot.
“Christmas Diamond” by Hallee Bridgeman is about a female pilot.
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“Christmas Diamond” by Hallee Bridgeman


“Christmas Diamond” by Hallee Bridgeman is a Christian romantic short story about a female pilot. Faith Green is the granddaughter of a famous female pilot who flew for the Royal Air Force in WWII. Faith has the same prowess as her grandmother, but uses her skills to fly in an air show.

When she arrives in Florida for her next show, the first thing this Londoner finds is a seemingly dead body washed up on the beach. Finding a pulse, she administers mouth to mouth, and brings the man, T.J., back to life. She soon learns that T.J. is the owner of the hotel she is staying in, and that her air show is his birthday present from his father, another successful businessman.

The story is very sweet and entertaining. It’s the opening act for a series of books that will continue to feature the successful Viscolli family in what will be called the Virtues and Valor series. It is the promise, or sample, of good writing, nice plotting, and enjoyable stories.

The author seems to be very familiar with air planes and how to fly them. However, there are two medical conditions mentioned in the plot, and neither one is believable. When T.J. almost drowns, and spits out large amounts of sea water, it would have resulted in pneumonia. The medical condition at the end of the story does not have a realistic recovery, either. But this is the only flaw in the writing of this story.

The book is a little different from other books in this genre because of the back material. It includes a dictionary of the Italian and British terms used in the story, and what they mean. Another section includes the facts and real events that inspired the air show scenes, which will interest pilots and historians. It also includes questions for discussion that can be used by a reading group to ponder the Christian truths that are worked into the plot. Like the kissing scenes, the Christian element is also very mild.

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