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Christina Perri and Birdy sell-out the House of Blues Orlando

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Christina Perri and Birdy at House of Blues Orlando


Christina Perri and Birdy performed at the House of Blues Orlando in Downtown Disney on May 2, 2014, in front of a sold-out crowd. Four years ago, Perri's musical career began when her hit ballad, Jar Of Hearts, debuted on Fox's “So You Think You Can Dance” show. Now, she’s touring and pouring out her heart and soul for those that advanced her to where she is today.

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First up was a 17 year old British lady named Birdy (Jasmine van den Bogaerde) and she’s quite the charmer. She would talk quickly before each song with an adorable characteristic of shyness but when she started to push her fingers against the piano keys she opened up like a tulip on a sunny morning. Her soft but bold voice resonated throughout the venue as all of the fans suddenly got quiet and their heads turned towards the stage. Her vocal range was so impressive that even Julie Andrews would be impressed. Her performance ended too soon and she deserved more than a half-hour time slot.

Christina Perri came out onto her stage that was adorned in mostly the color white. There was no front barricade or pit area for this show for as Perri wanted to be as close as she can with her fans. She chatted quite frequently between songs and even awkwardly (yet gracefully) picked up a note that was thrown on stage of which contained a male’s phone number which made her a bit giggly. Perri switched instruments back and forth on numerous songs showing that not only can she blow the roof off with her singing but is also a very talented musician.

Christina Perri currently has two albums out in such a short time frame since her discovery. Her debut album, Lovestrong (Atlantic Records), which includes her Jar Of Hearts hit has sold almost 500,000 copies. Her latest, Head or Heart (Atlantic Records), which was just released in April 2014, is mostly composed of heavy ballads. Perri is currently on a two-month tour which just started this month.