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Chocolate Drink Series: Coo-coo for Coco Fizz Soda? Not So Much

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Coco Fizz Chocolate Soda


In the continuing search to find and consume all things chocolate, I have been reminded about a wonderful medium that I have completely ignored to this point: the beverage. Chocolate lends its silky smooth goodness to so many different confections, desserts and other food items that the beverage seems to get overlooked at times. I decided to put this to an end and embark on a journey to track down and taste any chocolate flavored beverage available in the DC Metro area.

Front of the Coco Fizz soda bottle.
Robert Hernandez

The first entrant into this series is a soda I picked up by accident while making a return to the World Market in Friendship Heights. While perusing the soda section for anything that looked interesting I noticed a brown bottle with a tan label in the last cabinet of the section. After seeing the label read "Coco Fizz Chocolate Soda" I was instantly sold and had to take it home.

So first the good: the drink is SOOOO fragrant it it simply intoxicating. The aromatics of the chocolate flavoring come flowing out of the bottle upon opening and each time you go in for a taste. The flavor of chocolate is clean, crisp and distinct when tasting so you definitely get what was advertised... and that's about it.

While I firmly believe that chocolate when handled correctly can enhance any food or beverage, this drink does not seem to work. With each taste you get chocolate and soda water as well as copious amounts of sugar. The problem is each item comes across separately and never seem to compliment each other. The chocolate flavoring would seem to add enough sweetness to the drink, yet the makers went a bit overboard on the sugar. It's very, very sweet leaving an unappetizing taste lingering on your palette after each swallow. It's almost a minty/toothpaste kind of aftertaste similar to the taste you get after consuming something with artificial sweetners.

I'd liken thise soda to a carbonated Ovaltine drink or a diet version of Malta. For those unfamiliar with either drink referenced, Ovaltine is a powdered chocolate beverage with a milder taste compared to Nesquik and Hersheys. Malta is a carbonated caramel-flavored beverage popular throuughout Latin America as well as other parts of the world.

I would definitely suggest picking it up for two reasons: It contains chocolate and the price is right at only $1.49 at World Market. Unfortunately, I cannot vouch for it being a pleasurable taste experience so buyer beware.


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