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China brings their answer to the Hangover with ‘Lost in Thailand’

Lost in Thailand


After the success of the Hangover franchise it was only a matter of time before other films tried to capitalize, most notably the foreign market. The latest Lost in Thailand is not only claiming to be China’s answer to the Hangover, but was also China’s highest grossing film of all time. There is no doubt it was a hit overseas, but can it back up the hype or will you hope it stays lost?

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Lost in Thailand follows two rival business managers, who are fighting over a revolutionary new in-house technology for control of their company, but the critical task is to secure control over the shares of the chairman, who is at a retreat in Thailand. While this film claims to be the answer to the Hangover it is actually closer to Due Date in a good way. The story is pretty simple and has just enough complexity to get things moving along without trying to over complicate it. The beginning of the film leaves you a bit lost on what kind of film you are walking into, but as soon as the journey begins and the two leads are brought together you quickly know this is going to be a trip to remember. There are some great entertaining moments that really work without feeling totally forced, but still over the top. The performances are all great and really what makes this otherwise generic film a lot of fun. They pulled no punches to keep things getting worse and worse as the trip went on as you would expect, but manages to keep it fun and for the most part believable throughout.

This film isn’t breaking down any walls in the comedy genre, but it delivers and lives up the hype. Sure some of its appeal will be dependent on your willingness to enjoy a foreign film that you will have to read, but if you are willing to take the trip it will be a vacation you are sure to enjoy.

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