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'Chillout' this summer - from your laptop

Chillout's new fan is smaller, sleeker, and best of all plugs into your computer via a USB cable
Courtesy of Chillout

Chillout Fan


When the publicist approached me about reviewing the newest Chillout fan, she didn't need to hard sell me. I already had a little pink one, which plugs into the wall, standard variety-style.

But according to the press release, the new fan-on-the-block is portable, six inches in diameter, and "fits on even the smallest desks or nightstands; plus, the USB and AC adaptors allow you to go chord-free by plugging it in to your computer or electrical outlet for maximized ease of use".


So this would be perfect for me, or any writer, student or executive who's toting his laptop around this summer. I can remember writing an article in Elizabeth Park and just melting from the heat-humidity combo that defines a Hartford summer.

My new friend, ur, fan is a beautiful turquoisy blue, which nicely complements my existing two-speed pink fan that's a couple inches wider and taller. Though petite, baby blue packs a punch. I can feel those cooling waves blast as I pass the dresser, which is where it sits.

When I want to plug the fan into my laptop, I appreciate its smallness. The color is striking, so pretty I may want to buy a matching laptop cover.

If I had one criticism, I'd suggest that future versions might do well to include two speeds.

But otherwise, I love love love my little fan. It can draw energy from the adaptor to my laptop or the wall. By sharing juice with my computer it's decreasing my carbon footprint, helping not just me but the planet chillout.

More businesses should think of ways to attach stuff to our laptops, from coffeemakers to juice machines to blenders. Maybe there could be a mini version of all the common household items we need to complete our days.

Or perhaps these USB-AC adaptor-friendly staples already exist. I wouldn't know. I've been too busy - and happy - "Chill"in out.

The fan comes in black, red and white in addition to my beloved turquoise. Its manufacturers' suggested retail price is $14.99 and boasts a one-year warranty. Fans are sold ubiquitiously nationwide, at Target in New Britain and South Windsor and all major retailers.

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