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Children's Guide: Baby Jogger Vue (Review)

Baby Jogger Vue Stroller


Finding a great stroller isn’t always easy, and parents often wonder where to find the perfect match for their child. This year, the company Baby Jogger presented the Vue stroller, which is like nothing you’ve ever seen. The stroller offers the first reversible seat umbrella stroller available in the U.S.

Baby Jogger Vue Stroller (Review)
Baby Jogger

The time to reserve only takes two minutes, which is convenient for parents who are busy and on the go! There are also two options: Parent facing and Forward-facing.


COLORS – The stroller comes in 4 different colors: Blue, Black, Brown, and Red/black. The neutral colors are great because it’s unisex.

CONVERT– This is a favorite for any parent! Most strollers are cumbersome and you have to get rid of them after your child reaches a certain age; however, the Vue stroller allows use with an infant, baby, or toddler.

SEATING – The single seat stroller can hold a child up to 55 lbs.

Dimensions Unfolded 33" x 20.25" x 42"
Dimensions Folded 42.25" x 11.5" x 13.25"
Weight 17.5 lbs
Seat Back Height 20”

Seat to Knee 9”
Knee to Footplate 8.5”
Width at Knee 13.75”

The Vue also features an adjustable padded 5-point harness to keep your child safe and secured. Another amazing feature is the UV 50+ SPF multi-position canopy to help protect little ones from overexposure to the sun. The canopy is large and is able to sufficiently protect during summer months. Furthermore, it has removable padded neck support.

There is also a small storage underneath the seat for quick to grab items like a small purse, baby wipes, etc. However, because of the weight restriction you may want to avoid storing large items like diaper bags or clothing items.

CUP HOLDER – Love this feature! There’s a convenient cup holder for your coffee, water, or perhaps your child’s bottle or sipping cup.

WHEELS – The wheels are 5.5” made of rubber, and easy to glide along. The front wheels swivel for daily obstacles such as wheeling to the park or to the mailbox. There’s also a brake lock that can be utilized by stepping on the pedal.

OVERVIEW – The stroller really is amazing! You get so many features and it isn’t too expensive. Instead of purchasing a different stroller every year as your child develops, this stroller will allow you to convert up until your child reaches 55 lbs. It's convenient, safe and innovative.

The stroller retails for $199.99 and is sold online and select retail stores.

Note: Carry case is sold separately

The stroller is not intended for jogging.

To purchase and learn more, visit the company website.

Please note: The author of this post received Baby Jogger Vue stroller in exchange for a children’s guide review. The opinions expressed represent the author. In no way was the author paid for the post.

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