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Children's book with fascinating characters and a lesson

The Princess Mermaid and the Missing Sea Shells by Michael J DiPinto


The Princess Mermaid and the Missing Sea Shells by Michael J. DiPinto is a story to be enjoyed by those aged 4 through 8. In this story Princess Nicole breaks the rule that they are never to go swimming alone. While out one night scattering her shells along the shore Princess Nicole is captured by the crew of Captain J. Lee Fish, the nasty pirate!
When the other mermaids got wind of Princess Nicole's capture, a plan was hatched and the rescue was underway! This story teaches every mermaid the importance of following the rules and shows how, by working together, they were able to rescue the princess and send Captain J. Lee Fish and his crew swimming off to the far corners of the seven seas.
Michael DiPinto did a wonderful job of developing a story filled with characters to be loved by children, and a story to be enjoyed. The book was dedicated to his children to whom he read each night. The story came to life in his imagination during a family vacation when the author, his children and their grandparents were together along the shores of Cape Cod. He sat watching his daughter draw mermaids in the sand and place shells around them. When his daughter asked “where do shells come from, Daddy”, the story was born! It became a favorite bedtime story and eventually found its way to this book for others to enjoy as much as he and his children had.
There can never be too many books for kids of this age, and parents and grandparents alike will enjoy watching the little ones become engrossed in a fun story while helping develop a love of written word.