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'Children of Men' is excellent

Children of Men


Our look at the Academy Award nominations continues. Alfonso Cuaron's film "Gravity" earned multiple Oscar nominations including one for Best Picture. Cuaron probably will not need a new tuxedo for the awards ceremony as his previous film also earned a few Oscar nominations: "Children of Men," which came out in 2006.

"Children of Men," based on the book by P.D. James, is set in England several years into the future, when women have become infertile. Theo Faron (played by Clive Owen) had a son who died many years earlier. After this tragedy, he separated from his wife Julian (played by Julianne Moore). Theo now spends much of his spare time hanging out with his friend Jasper (played by Michael Caine), an aging stoner. Julian finds Theo and asks for his help. For the first time in many years, a woman has become pregnant. She needs Theo to help bring her to a safe place.

The look of "Children of Men" is amazing. Unlike other sci-fi movies, such as "Blade Runner," this movie actually looks the way the world might look in the future.

The actors infuse their roles with importance and urgency. Clive Owen makes Theo a sympathetic character. Julianne Moore is also very good as Julian. We first see them as full of despair, but over the course of the film, they allow hope to penetrate their lives. Protecting the pregnant woman gives their lives a sense of purpose.

There are some great action scenes in the film. As he did in "Gravity," Cuaron often shoots scenes in one take. This is done in an ambush scene set in a forest, which is a memorable scene.

"Children of Men" ranks among the best science fiction films of the 2000s.