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"Child of the '70s" spoofs decade and is sexy to boot!

Looks like Leo Forte isn't the only sexy one - ask Jose Figueroa pictured here with Ann Walker - or sexy Sebastian La Cause that also guest stars.
Looks like Leo Forte isn't the only sexy one - ask Jose Figueroa pictured here with Ann Walker - or sexy Sebastian La Cause that also guest stars.
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I happen to have a weekend of binge watching web series. They are so easy to get into and it's easy to think you can watch a few at once as they are often just 5 to 10 minutes each.

Cast of dozens make "Child of the '70s" worthwhile.
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That few became all when I found "Child of the '70s" as I LOVED the 1970s and thought it would be a hoot.

Not only is it funny but there's some "inside jokes" which almost seem like DVD easter eggs for people of the 1970s to especially relate to.

Michael Vaccaro plays (and wrote, produced and sometimes directed) this tale of an Italian New Yorker who gets a job in LA to be the personal assistant to a demanding former TV star (the wonderful Ann Walker).

The show tells of his move from New York and making new friends in LA in just two short seasons with more promised to come.

Vaccaro's character gets into a lot of humorous sticky situations - mostly due to his boss. But others are there also there to be comedic obstacles - whether it's his self-serving roommate (Terry Ray) or his female boss' gay husband (Bruce Vilanch). Yes that Bruce Vilanch. The Emmy winning comedy writer (who also played on stage in "Hairspray") takes on another acting only role in the show. And you have to know it's funny when a man EVERYONE turns to in order to make themselves funny is playing a role. (Wasn't there even a movie about how much stars rely in him to make them funny called "Get Bruce!")

He isn't the only connection to 1970s nostalgia.

One of Vacarro's best friend in the show is Geri Jewell, who we all remember from "The Facts of Life." Vilanchi's business partner in the show is Susan Olsen, Cindy from "The Brady Bunch." His aunt is played by Carole Ita White whose name you don't recall but that face will take you right back to her days on "Laverne & Shirley" and "Love American Style."

Then there's the real cuteness of the show. Without even getting billing in the show (credits list her as "Mrs. Perdente played by herself"), Vacarro does a Darren switch from "Bewitched" and has two TV actresses playing his mom. Season one has Donna Pescow who everyone remembers from "Saturday Night Fever," "Angie," "Out of This World" and even "The Love Boat" while season two has Lynne Marie Stewart, also from "Laverne & Shirley" and more recently "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia."

Besides all of this hat tipping to the 1970s, Vacarro's show also has a very sweet love story between him and a man he thinks is out of his league.

His co-star is very charming and has dimples that would make me drive miles to just see. An actor I never heard of, Leo Forte's Joe is simply irresistible. Since I like to be in the know, I did google Forte and found more than I bargained for. He's a porn actor - so he's as delicious in the flesh as he is in a legitimate role. Hopefully I am not "outing" Forte's porn career as perhaps this show is his step into more legitimate roles.

His charisma and attraction in this role has more to do with the writing and his being convincing as a sweet guy so hopefully more people will take him serious as an actor instead of a just being a hottie.

The show will soon be doing fund raising for a third season but for now, settle for fun raising, and you can watch the entire two seasons in about two hours. Go to and subscribe at