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Chikara returns in style with 'You Only Live Twice'

Icarus locks the Chikara Special on Eddie Kingston during the final moments of their epic rematch.
Icarus locks the Chikara Special on Eddie Kingston during the final moments of their epic rematch.
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Chikara "You Only Live Twice"


Chikara, the leading lucha libre wrestling brand in the United States, made its return on Sunday, May 25, with “You Only Live Twice”. In three hours of action the company proved why it was one of the best brands in independent professional wrestling. While the Cedar Rapids Pro Wrestling Examiner will attempt to convey all the epic action from the show, the event remains available for immediately viewing at Smartmark Video On Demand.

The Spectral Envoy versus The Bruderschaft Des Kreuzes

In the opening contest Ultramantis Black, Hallowicked and Frightmare, the reigning King of Trios champions, faced off against the reunited BDK. Ares and newcomer Nokken were joined by the returning Tursas for a massive brawl. Ultimately the BDK would use the tactics seen by members of The Flood for the rest of the night, as nefarious tactics were used to set up RAGNAROK, the team’s triple team move.

Chuck Taylor versus “Smooth Sailin’” Ashley Remington

Long time Chikara regular Chuck Taylor came back to the promotion, but he faced off against the debuting young star of the company, Ashley Remington. Formerly Dalton Castle on the independents, Remington came into money inherited from his deceased great-granduncle Darkness Crabtree. Remington picked up the win and tons of fans with his super-charismatic new gimmick.

The new Director of Fun Mike Quackenbush

New owner Robbie Ellis introduced the new Director of Fun as none other than “Lightning” Mike Quackenbush. The man that trained much of the Chikara roster is now officially in charge of the match making. He invited everyone into the Chikara fold in an impassioned promo about the company he helped grow from nothing.

The Batiri versus Sinn Bodhi and The Odditorium

Kobald, Kodama and Obariyon brought it to their trainer Sinn Bodhi (known to WWE fans as the short-lived Kizarny) and his Odditorium. After Kobald took a beating for much of the match, the Batiri were dominant. Sadly their momentum died when Sinn delivered a boot to the groin of Obariyon for the disqualification.

Juan Francisco De Coronado versus Jervis Cottonbelly

Jervis Cottonbelly only has a handful of Chikara matches and this is De Coronado’s debut, but both have a long history in the various Wrestling Is organizations. This one could have probably used another five minutes in the ring, but De Coronado pulled out dastardly tactics. A twist of the mask and a nasty German Suplex gave him the victory.

The Swarm versus 3.0 versus The Gekido versus The Throwbacks

3.0 were eliminated early by the combined efforts of the four members of The Flood in the match. From there, both The Swarm and The Gekido focused their attention on The Throwbacks. Dasher Hatfield took a huge beating, but he set up Mister Touchdown to take out both teams. The match came to an end with an amazing thirty second delayed vertical suplex from Touchdown on the Shard.

Jimmy Jacobs versus Archibald Peck

Jimmy Jacobs led The Flood into National Pro Wrestling Day. Two of his plague masked minions from that night accompanied him to ringside. Their distractions and ultimately a shot to the head with one of their masks were the deciding factor as “Marchie Archie” just could not stand up to the numbers game.

The Colony versus The Colony: Xtreme Force

Missile Assault Ant started to get major heel heat in the battle from his tactic of constantly yelling his own name, but it was Green Ant, Fire Ant and the newly christened Worker Ant that looked dominant for most of the match. Again, The Flood’s members used nefarious tactics to steal a victory as they drove Fire Ant’s face into an exposed turnbuckle. The Colony got the last laugh though as they stole back their King of Trios victory metals after over a year away from them.

Icarus versus Eddie Kingston for the Chikara Grand Championship

Icarus almost beat Kingston a year before for the title at Chikara’s last event “Aniversario: Never Compromise”, but interference by the Titor Conglomerate ended the match without a definitive winner and loser. Kingston beat Icarus to a pulp in their battle, but Icarus refused to stay down even after a Backfist to the Future. Ultimately Kingston would end up where he was a year ago, locked in the Chikara Special. This time, it stayed locked in until Kingston passed out. His hand dropped three times and Icarus finally became the second ever Chikara Grand Champion.

The Flood Strikes Back!

As the show seemed to be over, The Flood returned en masse to attack the Chikara regulars gathered at ringside. Chikara held its own at first, but the tides were turned as a new villain, perhaps the true leader of The Flood made his first appearance and he was not alone. The Titan of Titor (as he’s been dubbed by fans) towered over everyone in attendance. He came with both Soldier Ant and Delirious in tow. Both figures, lost allies of The Colony and The Spectral Envoy, attacked the rest of Chikara. The Titan of Titor turned his focus on Kobald in the ring. A brutal chokeslam left Kobald unmoving as the Flood left the ring.

Chikara next returns to action far closer to Eastern Iowa as they return to Logan Square Auditorium in Chicago, Illinois. For more details visit

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