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Chicago Mix popcorn from GH Cretor is a blockbuster double-feature snack

G. H. Cretors Chicago Mix popped corn


We can’t get enough of our new favorite popcorn, Chicago Mix from snack innovator, GH Cretor.

Two great flavors give us a sweet and savory snack favorite
G.H. Cretors

Cretors Chicago Mix is a snacking blockbuster made with both rich and creamy caramel corn coupled with cheddar cheese popped kernels double-featured together in one delicious, savory-sweet bag.

Not since the days of our youth when Cracker Jacks were novelty have we devoured a snack with such fervor. GH Cretors old-fashion family recipe starts with their perfectly puffed, gourmet popcorn, still hand tossed in copper kettles. Then for their Chicago Mix, they combine two of their favorite flavors into one bag; buttery caramel and aged cheddar cheese. This flavor combination commingles perfectly in our mouths and satisfies our cravings for both the lightly sweet, as well as the cheesy goodness we long to snack on. No need to muck this mix up with nuts!

GH Cretors Chicago Mix is certified gluten free, All-Natural and kosher (dairy).

Going out to the movies, a ball game or just need a really great snack for your house? Choose a blockbuster! Find GH Cretors popped corn bags at Fairway Market for around $4 for a 7.5-ounce bag.

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