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Chicago Live Music: Supercell Mothership

Supercell Mothership, a Chicago band


Have you ever heard the term “Big Three”? It’s used a bunch in basketball. A term to describe a trio of all star talent all wearing the same uniform. I don’t know about the b-ball skills of the band Supercell Mothership, but this trio shows great potential on stage. Their room for growth is gigantic. Seeing that they’ve only played a total of seven shows so far, this is the first band I’ve covered that has enough ability to blow up with the quickness.
Supercell Mothership is Mike Navarro (guitar/vocals), Gabriel Rodriguez (bass/vocals), and Sam Mentzer (percussion). They describe themselves as a storm, thus the awesome name. Their show at the Emporium Arcade Bar (1366 N. Milwaukee) on Friday, April, 25th was a brief explanation of individuality and comradery. Mike and Gabriel share equal responsibility on vocals, trading lyrics, never putting emphasis on one member. Kind of like a boy band without the dancing and a darker energy. The most unique trait of Supercell Mothership was the leading of the bass guitar on majority of the songs, something that is more rooted in Hip Hop than rock music. The large role of the bass in the set is a rare and bold motion, yet refreshing when you’ve seen as many live shows as I have. These two factors of trading lyrics and bass leadership already place Supercell Mothership on a shelf by themselves, but then came Sam Mentzer, the most active rock drummer I’ve ever seen live. Mentzer embodied a warring ratio of percussive articulation and recklessness, a tension and violence released on a drum kit complimenting the calm fellowship of the strings and vocals.
Supercell Mothership played five songs that Friday night and featured a visual art show of different symbologies on a large screen projection. The “movie” showed ideas of war, mother nature, and what I can only describe as three dimensional cubism on acid.
Supercell Mothership is currently working on a ten track album expected to be released this Fall. But if you can’t wait that long you can catch them live May, 29th at the Bottom Lounge. To hear some of Supercell Mothership’s studio work and to learn more about the band, please click on the links below.

Supercell Mothership gets ready to rock the Emporium Arcade
Photograph by Marcus Dayton Bailey