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Chicago Female Rapper Debuts New Single "Good Enough" Sparks Industry Rumors

Ceytra from Chicago
Ceytra from Chicago
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While, Chicago female emcee new single is definitely spin worthy and relatable to the ladies it has sparked rumors as who the love interest could be? Based on her Instagram pics and twitter rants we can't pin point the unusual suspect but we are putting our money on a African Prince? LOL! Okay, that may be a stretch but royalty belongs with royalty and Ceytra, the Nigerian Rap Princess is undoubtedly reigning supreme!

Check out her new single "Good Enough" and let us know who you think her celebrity fling is!

Link to song:

"Chicago female emcee Ceytra is back with one of her most personal records yet. Chicago producer C-Sick who has produced for the likes of Nas, Fabulous, King Louie, and many more helps take the track to the next level. Sampling the song "Shorty Swing My Way" by K.P. & Envyi gives the audience a familiar sound as Ceytra takes you on a story about not being "Good Enough." "Good Enough" is about her relationship with a "celebrity" romance and feeling unappreciated at times in life. Ceytra is joined on the record by R&B singer Simone Ariel that places the final touches on this heartfelt record."

Quote from Ceytra:
I'm so excited about my upcoming project "No Wahala"... It's so versatile & different. I got to be myself & create something different than the usual of music.. When it comes to the production, I'm always picky but that makes it even more special... Every song has to sound like a potential hit...