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Cher, the Dressed To Kill Tour with Pat Benatar

Photos that I shot from Cher's Dressed To Kill Tour with Pat Benatar
Photos that I shot from Cher's Dressed To Kill Tour with Pat Benatar
Sir Harvey Fitz

Dressed To Kill Tour


Listen up 7’s a 10 is touring! Yes that’s right the legendary, incomparable, mesmerizing, whole kit a caboodle Cher has embarked on yet ANOTHER ‘farewell’ tour. Although this seems like the longest goodbye in the history of farewells none can make it as breathtaking as she. The Washington DC Verizon Center was transformed into a grand scaled playground of Vegas proportions. The kids were out and about, ready for recess, but Cher was not playing any games; snatching wigs left and right literally. She seemingly had a wardrobe change after each song. “Hey, I will be out there in a second guys, you better be behaving or as my mom used to say “Cher don’t make me get off this couch.” She teased moments before the lights dimmed, curtains opened and the rollercoaster took off! Woman's World blared through the speakers while warrior clad dancers pop locked, twerked, and gyrated summoning Cher's descending atop a 20ft high pole in full costume and feathered headgear. A very funny Dr. Pepper monologue and slight shade towards Gaga's recent vomiting stunt came after her intro, “Call me crazy, but I prefer not be vomited on while performing.”. Someone contact Dr. Pepper and tell them the "Cher The Dr. Pepper" campaign needs to launch ASAP, because she really loves the stuff. They sent her a lovely mini cooler with about 4 or 6 mini bottles, but come on they can certainly do better than that. After all she is an Oscar winner! After displaying her strategically injured middle fingers it was on with the rest of the show.
So what happens when you're about to be 68, are on your umpteenth farewell tour, have a fan base ranging from age 18- infinity, and have more albums than most other artists have songs combined? Well if you're Cher you go out there and still manage to give the audiences one of if not the best darn show they've been to in a long time…Including your own. The concert is filled with funny anecdotes, throwback video montages, and amazing dancers who apparently were not given a “No canoodling on stage with the star” speech. Some fan favorites and a couple not so fan favorites are intertwined into the set which make for the perfect watering hole playlist as pretty much every walk of life is assembled together in this audience. Thankfully so, because some of the seasoned fans will be in serious need of the sit down breaks during the slower tempo songs, ballads, and video montages. Without completely spoiling it there's a moment between Cher and the late Sonny Bono that’s very touching. At times it felt like being at the movies watching the musical biopic of Cher's journey. Befitting is the Dressed To Kill Tour's name considering the many, many, many spectacular costume changes that occur, some familiar some new. All of them are very bold and unique to Cher's practical ability to not take herself too seriously.
Who better to open a tour for an icon than the amazing legend in her own right Pat Benatar? She’s currently celebrating her 35th musical anniversary and 32nd anniversary to her partner in music and love, Neil “Spyder” Giraldo. Those two rocked and rolled all over that stage like a couple of kids having the time of their lives. Spyder at times picked up "Pain" an affectionate name that he gave to a particular red guitar that just so happens to be the very same one used in original recordings of some of their legendary smash hits. Many artists who started out in the 60’s and 70’s (And even some as recent as within the last decade or so.) wish that they could turn back time and get a do-over for a better shot at success. The Dressed To Kill Tour is assurance that Cher and Pat are not one of said artists. Do yourselves a favor and catch this tour if can.

Cher live

Set list (Washington DC)

Woman's World
Strong Enough
Dressed to Kill
The Beat Goes On
(Sonny & Cher song)
I Got You Babe
(Sonny & Cher song)
Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves
Dark Lady
Half Breed
Welcome to Burlesque
You Haven't Seen the Last of Me
Take It Like a Man
Walking in Memphis
(Marc Cohn cover)
Just Like Jesse James
Heart of Stone
(Bucks Fizz cover)
Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)
I Found Someone
(Laura Branigan cover)
If I Could Turn Back Time
I Hope You Find It

For MORE amazing photos that I took at the concert please visit my Cher Dressed To Kill Tour With Pat Benatar photo album on Facebook

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