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Chef Juliano Brotman's Planet Raw offers planetary cuisine

raw pizza, anyone?
raw pizza, anyone?

Planet Raw


The raw food lifestyle has proven to be incredibly popular for a variety of people across the globe, but particularly so in body and health conscious Los Angeles.

As the cooking process is said to break down the vitamin and phytochemical content of the food, raw food is touted as being the most abundant in nutrients. Additionally raw vegan food is said to be higher in plant enzymes and antioxidants, low in calories, and can speed up the metabolism.

Renowned celebrity raw foods chef Juliano Brotman’s restaurant Planet Raw, is a favorite among celebs and raw foodies. Originally located in Santa Monica, CA, Brotman recently moved his restaurant to trendy West Hollywood, CA. The ambiance is akin to a very low key lounge setting. Music drifting low and mellow, while a laser projection of the stars and planets are shown throughout the room sets a very unique atmosphere.

At first glance, Raw’s menu may seem like an overwhelming plethora of options from around the world. Luckily, waitress Olivia, aka, Olive was very knowledgeable about all the items on the menu and offered her expertise for our final choices. Many of the item names on the menu are quite creative, funky and entertaining. For example : “Meet and Potatoes” which consists of a nut filet, macadamia potato with shroom gravy , olive oil, veggies and mesquite BBQ, “Pirate Steaks”, high protein salm-un pate in tartar sauce, with veggies shroom gravy and macadamia potato , and “Alcopone” spaghetti with marinara and “meetballs” There are many options for varied palates.

In terms of price, the majority of the menu items are quite pricy, but likely due to their organic and exotic origins. Additionally, the restaurant is not a safe haven for vegans, as there are a number of dishes containing raw honey.

This restaurant is perfect for tastings. The BBQ Kale chips were crunchy and had a delightfully teriyaki tinge. The Spring Rolls contained avocado, noodles, and Thai herbs in a coconut wrap, they were also crunchy and bursting with flavors accurate of Thai food but a raw version. Finally, dessert the “Best Ever Cheezecake” was a delightful treat melding chocolate, strawberry and coconut.

Aside from just being a quality dinning establishment, Raw, also offers “uncooking classes” complete with raw chef certification at the end of the course and detox cleanses both given by Chef Juliano. Raw’s website is very interesting in that also offers a selection of all natural beauty products, cleansing products, yoga videos and even a bicycle helmet. Chef Juliano has been featured on television show: The Doctors speaking about the raw food lifestyle and its benefits.

Another interesting perk about dining at Planet Raw is its late hours. Open until midnight during the week and until as late as three in the morning on weekends, the restaurant is great go-to for health enthusiasts with a night owl streak.

Planet Raw is definitely worth a try for those trying to go raw or those already adopting raw clean eating. For products, recipes and information please see the website