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Chef: A Nice, Light-Hearted Comedy for Dreamers



Chef is a fairly simple story. Carl Casper (Jon Favreau, who also directed the film) is a man who loves to cook. He wants to take risks, but works for someone else so he is forced to play it safe. One day a food critic writes a review that is scathing (because Casper has to play it safe), yet highly entertaining for readers, so it begins to trend on twitter and comedy plays out. Casper’s ten year old son helps him set up a twitter account (which creates great comedic moments). Believing that he is sending a private message to his critic, Casper unwitting starts a public flame war that leads to him hitting rock bottom while becoming the star of an internet viral video(s).
Casper has to make a number of choices in his life relating to his career and being a better father to his son. It makes for an entertaining and touching story. It’s nothing ground breaking, but it is effective. There are a lot of big name stars in this film who don’t overwhelm their scenes. Dustin Hoffman, Scarlet Johansson, Oliver Platt, John Leguizamo, and Sofia Vergara all blend seamlessly into the film. Robert Downey, Jr. and Amy Sedaris both appear in single scenes in roles they feel born to play. Emjay Anthony shows that kids don’t have to be loud and annoying to be funny.
There isn’t a whole lot this writer has to say about this film. It was enjoyable to watch and the characters were likeable. There was a good message in the end about not holding onto grudges and enemies can become friends. There really isn’t anything bad to say the film either. This writer would probably buy the film on a bargain DVD or Rent it from Redbox. It is a good film to see and deserves wider distribution than a lot of physical gag comedies.