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Cheese Dawgs in Feasterville PA Are Great Hot Dogs Worth The Drive

Mrs. F with The Jersey Dog from Cheese Dawgs in Feasterville, PA
Mrs. F with The Jersey Dog from Cheese Dawgs in Feasterville, PA
David R. Feeney

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Are you the kind of person who will drive for a great hot dog? Then set your GPS to 318 Bustleton Pike, Feasterville-Trevose, PA., and get you and yours to Cheese Dawgs, purveyors of great hot dogs worth the drive.

Mrs. F and I reviewed all the great YELPs for this establishment, until we just couldn't stand it anymore. So today we drove all the way from Langhorne (4 miles!), laden with great hot dog expectations. We were not disappointed!

On the north side of Bustleton Pike, Cheese Dawgs is understated, offering plenty of parking in front. As we walked up to the door, a hand-lettered sign boasted new Bacon Buttercups, confirming "food awesomeness" is the official language of the establishment. Through the front windows, there were already tables of patrons on a Wednesday at 1230pm, another welcome sign. Let's go in!

The decor is no-frills, clean, and bright with a side counter, round tables and chairs, a short bench in front, and the order counter in back. A large screen TV was playing a classic Gunsmoke rerun. Older folks who seemed like regulars were dining on hot dogs, grilled cheese, and soups, and another patron was waiting for a take out order. A friendly gentleman, later confirmed as the owner, greeted us warmly and we got down to business: the menu.

A handwritten board showed a large selection of signature dogs, most named for the neighborhoods and areas around the locale. Each combo could be had as footlong, veggie, or turkey for an extra dollar, with a "build your own" dog option which would be fun for kids. The take-home menu doesn't do justice to the dozens of dog combos, named for the local 'hood, region, state, or sports team du jour. The "South Philly" dog, for example, features spicy mustard, sharp provolone cheese, all smothered in sauteed onions. Dig the dogs!

Giving in to hipster locavore trendiness, I chose "The Feasterville", while Mrs. F kept it real with "The Jersey". Each were footlongs, with the Feasterville featuring sharp provolone with jalapeno slices. The Jersey, by contrast, was decked out in sweet and tangy coleslaw, sauteed onions, provolone and... wait for it... bacon! Mrs. F also opted for a cup of corn chowder, the soup of the day.

We watched Gunsmoke, read a complimentary Courier-Times, and chatted about "The Wall of Fame" on which 91 patrons are enshrined for conquering "The Beast", aka two dressed-out footlong dogs in under 10 minutes. At $10, one is tempted to bring the kids, and have some fun slaying these meaty dragons.

The food arrived promptly, brought to our table by the owner in less than 10 minutes. Both dogs were distinctive, each a grilled footlong in a freshly toasted bun with abundant and colorful toppings. The Feasterville dog was sharp and spicy, while the Jersey served up sweet and savory coleslaw/bacon wonderfulness.

What impressed us both was the freshness of the food (including the corn chowder) but also the friendliness of the owner. For example, we had a bottle of soda which was very flat, which the owner promptly let us replace with another soda, with zero percent awkwardness.

Mrs. F and I had a great lunch! Since there are dozens of other hot dog and grilled cheese combos, we will definitely come back to Cheese Dawgs, bring the kids, and who knows? Maybe get a name on the Wall of Fame.

PS: Little did we know that Cheese Dawgs features live music on the regular! For more details, check out or give 'em a YELP at

PPS: As we were leaving, the owner gave us a sneak preview of new Bacon Buttercups... Three words: Its a dessert. TO BE CONTINUED!!

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