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Cheers! Mogwai at the Bluebird Theater on 5/2/11


There are several notable Scottish bands in mainstream music today, but none is as unique as Mogwai. For a band that consists of only 5 members, the Glasgow band creates sound that’s so big, it sounds like post-rock orchestra. Their use of reverb, effects petals, distortion and the lack of lyrics makes Mogwai’s music fascinating to any music fan.

Officially forming in 1995, Mogwai released their first single in 1996 and their first album, Mogwai Young Team, in 1997. The album reached number 75 on the UK charts and the band followed up the album with several remixes and a split. They formed their own label Rock Action Records, released Come On Die Young in 1999, Rock Action in 2001 and Happy Songs for Happy People in 2003.

In 2006, Mogwai not only released their next album Mr. Beast, but also provided the soundtracks for movies The Fountain and Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait. Soon after, Mogwai released The Hawk Is Howling in 2008, the first album to focus solely on instrumentals. Following an extensive tour, the band released their first live film Burning: The Mogwai Movie and went back into the studio.

Having just released their new album Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will earlier this year, Mogwai played a show at the Bluebird Theater in Denver on May 2, 2011. The show was sold out and the crowd waited on pins and needles for Mogwai to start their set. As they came out onto the stage, Mogwai immediately had Denver on its toes. Their set was almost two hours long and consisted of "I’m Jim Morrison, I’m Dead," "White Noise," "Rano Pano," "San Pedro" and "Death Rays, amongst others.

With Mogwai’s music, the listener is forced to make their own meaning out of their songs instead of focusing on the lyrics that are set out to be heard and that connects band and fan together on another level. In their live show, that link is heightened with the visual effects and lights that are carefully paired with each song and that only deepens each audience member’s connection with Mogwai. If Mogwai comes back, you should check out why this band captures so much attention.

Visit Mogwai and the Bluebird Theater for more information.


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