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Check out this week's end options to taste wine In Portland

The giant coastal redwoods are so high in tanins, that they have no known pest: Just too high in tanins. Guess you must let  a redwood breath, really breath before drinking it.
Steve Sherburne

Opportunities to taste wine in Portland this week's end


Well, here we are for another week, after a brief break, back to work keeping you up to date on what’s happening for wine tasting on Fridays in Portland, Oregon, but also these are great opportunities to ask questions, learn about what you like in wine, and get great deals on the wine being tasted, and other wines a shop is offering at a discount. Or, just get that amazing wine you tried, and who cares about the price!

First, how about some wine “education,” “Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Syrah - Red Wine Guide”

Now, how aboutDiscover The Wines of Northern Italy

Okay, ready? Let’s get into some wine tasting options… only a couple have nothing schedueled, so dig in! Remember, it’s great to share this experience with friends, so invite some, put your itinerary together and HAVE FUN!

Here are this week’s opportunities!

Barrel Fine Wine + Tasting Bar

14740 NW Cornell Road, Suite 160

Portland, OR 97229

FRIDAY August 15th, 2014
The Line Up:
2013 Fossil & Fawn, 'Crowley Station Vineyard', Pinot Gris, Eola-Amity Hills
2013 Fullerton, 'Five Faces' Pinot Noir Rose, Willamette Valley
2013 Fullerton,

“Fossil & Fawn
Fossil & Fawn started out as a completely reasonable idea in the late summer of 2011, and quickly spiraled into a much more complex, and unbelievably rewarding venture. Fossil & Fawn began with the notion of making a small amount of wine from Crowley Station as a single-vineyard site, simply because no one had done so before. The plan was to have a nice bottling to show potential buyers the Pinot noir and Pinot gris grown at the site. Somewhere along the line, Fossil & Fawn was born proper as a wine label, nearly two years after the reasonable idea was started.
Fossil & Fawn pays homage to Crowley Station Vineyards-- the source for their wines. The vines, located in the Eola-Amity Hills of the Willamette Valley, are own-rooted and dry-farmed on a marine fossil bed. The surrounding oak savanna is a natural habitat for deer and other wildlife.
Fullerton Wines
Fullerton Wines is a family-operated winery producing small quantities of Willamette Valley Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, and organically farms a small plot of Chardonnay in Beaverton called the Ivy Slope Vineyard.
To show their love of family, the flagship wines are named Five Faces for the five Fullerton family members. The initials of their first names (Filip, Alex, Caroline, Eric, and Susanne) spell out FACES. Enjoy Fullerton Wines’ age-worthy and food friendly wines with life, love, and great food.
Just come on in, no reservations necessary!”

The Cellar Door

4525 SW Condor Avenue

Portland OR 97239 (Map)

Phone: 503.221.7435

"Bring Your Friends to Friday Sips"

Washington Syrah & Rhone-Inspired Blends

FRIDAY AUGUST 15, 3:30 - 6:30

This week's informal tasting features 4 Washington red wines that are either pure Syrah or are blends utilizing Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre and more. Definitely one that any Northwest red wine fan will enjoy!


2901 NE Alberta Street
Portland, OR 97211

“Nothing is scheduled

Everyday Wine
1520 NE Alberta
Tues - Sat, 2 - 10

Friday night flights (5-9pm)

“Friday, August 15th, BBQ Reds $12.”

Great Wine Buys

1515 NE Broadway
Portland, OR 97232
Tel: (503) 287-2897

Nothing scheduled

John's Marketplace

3535 SW Multnomah Blvd
Portland, OR 97219; store phone: 503-244-2617.
Wine order hot-line voice mail: 503-203-3384
Email orders preferred:

2222 NW Quimby St.
(off 22nd Ave.)

“Our select samplers are poured on Saturday, starting at noon and until the well runs dry. There is no charge”Friday, “Aug. 15 A Taste of Corsica: Witness these world-class white, red and rosé wines.”

Saturday, “Aug. 16 Refreshing summer sippers from Iberia: Ostatu Rosé Rioja, Espelt Coralí Empordà Rosé, Lavradores de Feitoria Douro Branco, and Laxas Albariño Rías Baixas. Plus! Omero Pinot Pinot Noir Oregon.”

Mt Tabor Fine Wines

4316 SE Hawthorne Blvd

Portland, OR 97215

White Burgundy From Small Domaines ($15)

Friday August 15th, 2014 4 pm - 7:30 pm @ Mt Tabor Fine Wines

“You know me, Sandy, the White Burgundy fanatic (actually, all colors of Burgundy). Yep and proud of it. A lot has been going on in this famous land of endless, grand terroir. Recent vintages must be discussed in any dialogue concerning Burgundy. First, the current release vintages (we're talking WHITE Burgs here); 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. Four really solid years. 2010- Classic, great vintage for wines of total transparency. Pure, perfect balace, will develop into sublime beauty. The best of the four. 2011- a bit more forward and a delight to drink now. These wines will charm the pants off you. 2012- very small quantity, excellent quality. The first of the "hail" vintages. Wineries are low on stocks. Some were down over 50% in production in 2012. 2013- a bit early for assessment as just a few have been released but all you have to do is check out the Michel, number three in our flight, to know we have another solid vintage for four in a row. The second of the trio of "hail vintages."

“Now, a really serious discussion about the current state of economics in the region. It's really unbelievable! 2014 is the third vintage in a row in which springtime hail has, in some cases, ruined the entire vintage. 2012 was the first. Then came 2013. At this point many small wineries were reeling from two vintages in a rwo with almost no wine to sell. They were all hoping for a nice crop in 2014. This was vital to some, who were barely hanging on and in need of a strong vintage of quantity. And then the devastating hail, again, in 2014. I've read that it was the final nail in the coffin for many small domaines. These are some of the "heart and soul" wineries of Burgundy. Many will be gobbled up by the big negociants like Jadot, Drouhin and the like. It's really heartbreaking! The life of a wine grower. Not for the faint of heart!

“I'll end here by saying that this flight is a fantastic selection of beautiful, pure, delicious Chardonnay. I know I've probably bored many of you with the discussion above but it's important to know what's going on. You will see prices rising due to the severe lack of wine in the cellars of almost all Burgundy domaines. But, let's end on a positive note and celebrate the beautiful wines of the region with the wines listed below.


“The Lineup

2012 Domaine Sangouard-Guyot, Macon Villages "Clos De La Bressande" $16


2011 Domaine Des 7 Terroirs, St. Veran $19

Saint Veran

2013 Domaine Michel et Fils, Macon Villages $22


2012 Domaine Laurent Cognard, Montagny "Les Bassets" 1er Cru $32


2012 Domaine Pattes Loup, Chablis "Beauregard" 1er Cru $43


Premium Pour ($5)

2012 Domaine Marc Colin, St. Aubin "Les Combes" 1er Cru $49

Saint Aubin

“And don't forget that next week Friday, August 22nd, we'll be featuring "Island Wines"/ Reds from Corsica, Sicily, Greece and more. If you can't join us this Friday for the fantastic White Burgundies, we're looking forward to seeing you next Friday! “

Portland Wine Merchants
1430 SE 35th Avenue, Portland




& SATURDAY 10:00 - 8:00

“ I wanted to send out a friendly reminder to those of you who devout fans of the wines of Jeff Runquist and know what is in store and those of you newbies to the wines of Jeff Runquist. Portland Wine Merchant's is very proud to feature the wines of Jeff Runquist exclusively in the Northwest. And we want to let you know you are in for something very special.

“Jeff Runquist's winery is located in Ripon, California near the north entrance of Yosemite BUT the vineyards he sources are for people who love wines - American Icons. From an island on the Sacramento Delta (Petite Sirah) to the 138 year old Massoni Ranch (Zinfandel) to the pre-prohibition Silvaspoon Vineyard planted entirely of Portuguese varietals by Portuguese immigrants his wines represent what the word "OLD VINES" is all about.

“This Friday & Saturday we will feature a history lesson of old vines in California. We call these wines 'WOW' wines because when you open a bottle and put the glass to your mouth all conversation ceases and you smile and just say 'WOW'! I certainly hope you can make it down to taste these wines I know you will be glad you did.”

“THE FLIGHT: $15.00 for a flight of six.

1. 2012 JEFF RUNQUIST'1448' ..........$17.95/$100.00 6-PACK

The 2012 ‘1448’ has deep thick color and one would expect form a wine that is
predominately Petite Sirah and Petit Verdot. The aromas feature smoky currants and
concentrated black fruits. Mocha, caramel, and milk chocolate provide a sweet inviting bouquet.
The flavors are big, rich and creamy. Dense ripe black fruits flow across a deeply toasted oak
background. The time in small barrels contributes to the rich body and luscious mouth-feel. As
with all the Jeff Runquist Wines the tannins are mature and well integrated leading to a smooth
lingering finish.


“The 2012 wine has a deep purple color of substantial depth that is due to the inclusion of 15%
Petite Sirah in the final blend. The hues are a youthfully bright garnet. The aroma is loaded with
black raspberry, dark cherry and boysenberry. For the 2012 vintage, we introduced almost 20%
older neutral barrels into the aging profile. This has put a bit more emphasis on the wine’s aroma
but there are still significant notes of vanilla and hazelnut to the bouquet. The flavors are round
and luscious and feature succulent red currants, raspberry and deeply toasted almost smoky oak.
This wine has a thick, almost oily, viscosity we have not seen in years. This exceptional body
comes with mature integrated tannins which only add to the wine’s velvety texture. This is one
of the most substantial “Z” Zinfandels we have ever produced. The depth of flavor along with
good acidity indicates that this wine will reward those, that can provide it with a year or two in
the cellar, with additional nuances to both the flavor and bouquet.


The 2011 Amador Barbera has a garnet purple color of medium depth which is a reflection of the
lighter 2011 vintage. There is a carmine edge to the color’s hue. The aromas carry plenty of red
fruit; raspberry and cherry are the most predominant. The bouquet has spicy pie crust notes of
nutmeg and vanilla. There is also a buttery toasted pastry scent that adds another dimension to
this wine’s scent. On the palate this wine is juicy and succulent loaded with ripe red cherry
flavors. The tannins are soft and this wine slides down smooth and easy.


“The 2012 Petit Verdot has a deep, almost inky, purple color with bright hues. Aromatically this wine
delivers plenty of black fruit; boysenberry, marionberry and blanckcurrant. There are also notes of
cinnamon, clove and nutmeg. Aging for eighteen months in small oak barrels provides the bouquet with
nuances of hazelnut, mocha and vanilla. On the pallet juicy succulent flavors of fully ripened blue and
black fruits transition seamlessly to a long finish full that remains focused on a triple berry pie flavor
with a wee bit of toasted oak sneaking in at the conclusion. As with a majority of the Runquist Wines the
tannins are soft, mature, and well integrated and contribute to the wine’s creamy silky texture.


“The 2012 Touriga has a ruby-purple color of medium depth with just the beginnings of a carmine hue. The aroma is loaded with the scents of briary black raspberry and black cherry; it reminds me of the triple berry pie from the Emporium in Amador City where the cellar crew and I enjoy lunch from time to time. A year of aging in oak barrels has produced a bouquet of hazelnut and toast that frames the fruit well. On the palate flavors of currant and dark cherry glide to a subtle toasted oak and into a soft smooth finish.


“The 2012 vintage has a deep purple color with bright garnet hues. The aromas feature ripe
concentrated dark fruits; cassis, boysenberry and black raspberry. Aged in 100% new French
Oak, the bouquet provides a smoky oak scent that has nuances of patent malt and dark chocolate.
On the palate, round rich flavors of dense concentrated black fruits meld with those of mocha and
deeply toasted oak. The ripe grapes that 2012 vintage provided has translated into a wine with a
richness that coats the mouth with a luscious creamy texture. We have gone to great lengths to
keep the tannins in check and the result is a full satisfying finish.”

Scott Paul PDX

2537 NW Upshur St

Portland, OR 97210

TEL 503 208 2061

Nothing scheduled this week

SE Wine Collective (AKA: Division Wine)

TEL 503 208 2061
2425 SE 35TH PLACE

Nothing scheduled this week

The Portland Bottle Shop

7960 SE 13TH Ave. Portland, OR 97202

WINE TASTINGS are held every Friday from 5-7:30 pm. We pour a selection of 5 or 6 different wines and the cost is $10 per person, unless otherwise noted.

137 SE 28th Av
Portland, OR 97214
ph: 503.235.8545

August 15, 2014

Oregon’s White Wine Power!!

“I initially had simply “Oregon’s Wh*te Power” as the subject line, but can you imagine spam filters firing off around the country at that subject line? Like, what’s up with that racist wine shop in Portland? Obviously from the “*” I’m still worried. You would think they’d know how we roll here. At VINO we are nothing if not accepting of (most)others, acknowledging that we are created (almost)equal. That we have to embrace (some)others and accept their (crazy)differences and (misguided)opinions. Much like you do (most)of mine!

“I know all the white wine lovers…of which group I am a card carrying member…will be here tomorrow. That’s also why I will expect all of you who are hard core red wine drinkers to get in here Friday and see what you need to get your palates around. This is going to be sensational tasting of some profoundly delicious wines, especially since the weather will be pretty much perfect for some patio sipping. This is actually an amazing lineup of local produce, if I may be not so humble. We are tasting the gamut of wine varietals grown here. Not all of them of course, but a heckuva good percentage. All from some of our favorite wine practitioners. We haven’t done a tasting like this in at least a couple of years, and to say I’m quite stoked for this would be underrating my excitement. So let’s get with it and feel the refreshment….”

-2011 BUCKMAN WINE CO Dry Riesling “Willamette Valley”$12.95…our house label that just keeps drinking better and better!
-2013 ILLAHE VINEYARDS Viognier “Willamette Valley” $16.95
-2013 LOVE & SQUALOR Pinot Gris “Willamette Valley” $17.95…wine master Matt Berson’s first ever gris, and he absolutely nailed it. One of the best I’ve had in years!
-2013 HELIOTERRA Pinot Blanc “Willamette Valley” $16.95
-2012 QUADY NORTH “Pistoleta” Rogue Valley $18.95…equal parts Viognier, Roussanne and Marsanne, and a wine I am super excited about!
And don’t think for a second we’re taking our foot off the gas when we get to pour bonus pours….
Bonus #1- 2013 CAMERON WINERY “Giuliano”White $26.95
Bonus #2- 2012 CROWLEY WINES Chardonney “Willamette Valley”$24.95
Bonus #3- 2012 J.CHRISTOPHER WINE “Uber-Sauvignon” Sauvignon Blanc $34.95…another amazing, intensely satisfying white from sauv blanc savant Jay Somers that shows its Loire Valley/Savennieres inspiration!

“Good times indeed will be had tomorrow! Drop by anytime between 4:30-8:00 and grab your seat. You bring along some snacks and friends to share and we’ll provide the liquid love. Ten dollars is the fare for the first five, and a smudge more will turn up the volume with our bonus pleasures. See you here for this palate awakening evening!!”

The Wine Cellar

525 NW Saltzman Rd

Portland, Or

503 643 5655

4 to 7

“Hello Wine Lovers!

“Well, I know you've been worried, so I wanted to let you know that I'm doing fine; despite having turned forty last week. So far, no new aches and pains, and I can still see pretty well. What a relief that has been!

“A huge thank you to all of you who came out to cheer me on as I crossed the finish line of my 30s. We had a great time at the shop with Lady Divine Chocolates, Rose City Pepperheads, FINEX cookware, Boedecker and Pappas Cellars, Proletariat Kegs, and Big North Duo playing music.

“ It was so much fun! Here's the link to the photos:

“I'm already looking forward to our next party. You all know how to make it great!

“Now, this week's tasting is about local and affordable treasures. These wines are so good! Come on by Friday 4-7 or Saturday 12-5 to try these great little wines!




“Featured Tasting: Lujon Cellars

“Lujon Wine Cellars presented by the winemaker John Durthick Friday 4-7pm or Erin Saturday 12-5. Tastings are $10 per guest or free with a to-go purchase bottle of wine.

2012 Riesling, Columbia $9.75

2012 Pinot Gris, Willamette $13.00

NV Red Table Wine, Columbia $11.00

2010 Syrah, Columbia $21.50

2010 Cabernet Sauvignon, Walla Walla $21.50”

WineUP! Wine Shop

3037 N. Williams Av

Portland, Or

503 619 1918

“Free Wine TastingFridays 6-8 PM In the Cellar Dwellers Lounge”

World Class Wines
269 A Avenue
Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034

“World Class Wines offers regularly scheduled Friday night wine tastings at our

“August 15th Ursula with Southern”

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