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"Charmaine:The Self-Titled Show" will crack you up

Charmaine is Colleen Claes & Stephanie Renee Kauffman
Charmaine is Colleen Claes & Stephanie Renee Kauffman
Photo by Erin Field

Charmaine:The Self-Titled Show


Charmaine at The Lincoln Loft is very funny, and you can't beat the ticket price, (it's free or donation for a drink.) Stephanie Renee Kauffman and Colleen Claes are Charmaine. There is so much comedy in this show, that you'd gladly pay $25 on your way out for this free show.

In one sketch Kauffman brings to life our current Chicago winter as an unrelenting, abusive, street character tormenting Claes waiting at the bus stop. Claes plays a typical Chicago commuter, beaten down and freezing as we all been this year. Kauffman really gives it to her, it's hilarious and there's much more.

The "Ex-Boyfriend Booty Call Emergency" has Kauffman getting a late night call from an ex. A very loud alarm goes off and plays throughout the sketch as Claes whips out a huge binder and quickly quizzes Kauffman about the specifics of the call while she looks for answers in the manual. The sense of urgency and energy is impressive.

In another one, Kauffman and Claes chat while sitting in folding chairs surrounded by junk food. They stuff their faces with Cheetos, chocolate syrup, American cheese slices numerous other goodies. It was so funny that I don't even remember what they talked about while they did it!

In all, they play 20 characters between them with some returning in multiple acts in about 10 sketches. These two are a fantastic, fully committed team hellbent on making you laugh.

There is one opening act each performance and they vary, last Friday, it was The Council, who held their own. The show runs at 8pm Feb. 28 and March 1 and 7, at The Lincoln Loft, 3036 N. Lincoln Ave. 2nd floor. Tickets are available online and they are free or you can make a donation and get a free drink.