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Chapeau is not your sterotypical French restaurant

Chapeau Sign
Photo taken by: Katherine Dizon

French Restaurant


Companions may grimace when you suggest a French restaurant, evoking horror stories of measly portions, rude service, and menu incomprehension. Does this sound familiar? No need to fret. At Chapeau, can enjoy the French bistro feel, without all the misconceptions.

It was a busy Saturday night as it usually is in San Francisco. Four girlfriends decided to celebrate 2 of their friend's birthdays and try a new restaurant. They were running late, the show ran long, and it took ages to get the car from the valet. A quick call to inform the restaurant was met with pleasant understanding; a good sign.

It was a quick drive, but parking was no where in sight. Reservations were set, but were not met. Jen was dropped off to secure the reservation. She was greeted by a lovely hostess who quickly seated her while she waited for her 3 friends.

Minutes pass and the friends send a text saying they've circled 6 times and can find a spot. Jen gets up and tells the hostess that she and her friends are not able to dine due to the parking situation. The hostess looks at her screen and tells Jen she has a parking spot for her. Joy!

First timers to the establishment should highly consider ordering the 4-course prix fixe dinner. It's reasonably priced, the portions are generous, and the food speaks for itself (moments of silence for food appreciation will be observed-GUARANTEED). If there's one thing not to be missed, it's the Mesclun Salad with Crème Dijonnaise, Red Seedless Grapes, Pistachio, and Fried Camembert (one of the best salads you'll ever have).

The four friends went all out with the 4-course dinner plus coffee, candles on the 2 birthday desserts, and walked away perfectly satiated. This was definitely one of the top dinners they've ever had.

Chapeau is the epitome of the complete dining experience. They treat their customers with utmost respect, tending to their every need.. The menu is thoughtful and caters to the diner in every possible way. This must be how it feels to be royal.


126 Clement Street (between 2nd & 3rd Avenue)

San Francisco, CA 94118

(415) 750-9787 (Reservations are strongly recommended)

Hours: Sunday-Friday: 5pm to 10pm Saturday: 5pm to 10.30pm

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