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Chant the Divine name with Don Marlin and friends tomorrow at Urban Namaste

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Chant the Divine name with Don Bhaskar and friends tommorrow at Urban Namaste


Don Marlin aka Bhaskar and friends will lead a chanting group in the Hindi tradition known as kirtan on tomorrow evening in Ft. Lauderdale at Urban Namaste. According to the Facebook page this session promises to still the mind, open the heart, and awaken spiritual energy and experiences. Kirtan is an interactive experience with the chanting of mantras or what some traditions would call hymns. It can be a powerful healing experience as the energy is shifted to a higher state of consciousness and synergy rises. If you have trouble meditating this is a simple and effective way to get out of your head and into your heart space where true manifestation begins. The chanting is led and accompanied instrumentally by Don on the harmonium. Don is a very talented musician with an amazing voice and gifted spirit. He will be accompanied by by others on drums, cymbals, the flute and tambourines as well as you. If you have never experienced kirtan this is a wonderful opportunity to engage in an activity that will definitely soothe your soul and lift your spirit. I have had the pleasure of attending kirtan with Don and friends...its one of those things words can't do justice. It is pure love in Divine expression. You have to sit in to reap the powerful benefits and feel the loving vibrations. And don't worry if you think you can't sing it doesn't matter the atmosphere will help you release that inhibition. Let go!

So you may ask, what is kirtan? Kirtan has been noted as one of the oldest sacred music traditions of the world and its said help the mind to become quiet and open to the experience of peace. Some describe chanting as a form of meditation or yoga as the call and response technique has the ability to take you out of the non stop thinking or "monkey chatter" of the everyday mind. The chants are rhythmic as well as soothing and participants often describe feelings of serenity as the vibrational level of the group changes with the repetition and rhythm of the chant and there may be periods of silence between the chanting and Don is engaging. Everyone is invited to participate and the suggested donation is $20.00 but no one will be turned away. Give as little or as MUCH as you would like...the return on your investment will be priceless!

Urban Namaste is located at 915 NE 20th Ave in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33304 literally a hop skip and half a jump from Miami...and it will be worth the ride both literally and figuratively. Be there at 6:45 to ensure a timely 7:00 pm ET start.