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Chanel Fall | Winter 2014 Ready To Wear Collection Review

Chanel Fall | Winter 2014 Ready To Wear Collection


Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel Ready To Wear Collection for Fall 2014 was certainly memorable, and questionable. If one thing, it's never been done before. As much as I detest going grocery shopping personally, Lagerfeld used it as inspiration for his collection and stated that everyone goes to the supermarket, and they certainly don't go in high heels.

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Enter the Chanel Super Marche where models swayed from side to side to upbeat pop whilst shopping for their lemons, onions, and kale. Models sported sneakers in muted or neon colors and knee high lace up boots. Many of the shoes had reflective panels stiched in. Makeup featured a cat eye and thick eyebrows, but was otherwise basic. Hair featured a dreaded braid with fabrics sewn in. Ratty gym wear and leggings with holes was a common look in the collection, which Cara Delevigne sported, opening the show. Tweed suits and heavy overcoats in unsusal colors were also shown. Accessories included heavy chains and lock necklaces. This Chanel supermarket even featured a chainsaw with a real Chanel chain.

Unfortunatley, I didn't see one piece in this collection that would be truely fattering on anyone, and it frankly didn't even look that good on the models. From the muted and strange color combinations to the "in your face" prints, even the combinations of gym wear and torn up sneakers weren't eye catching. The Chanel supermarket is one place I certainly won't be shopping.