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Chains of Logic's Age of Progress - A Review

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Chains of Logic


There is nothing like experiencing electronic music. Other genres are excellent as well, but there is something about electronic music that just captures and merges the human condition with a slice of creativity. These attributes are presented on Chains of Logic's Age of Progress, an inventive voyage into all that electronic music offers - a playground of fantasy and imagination.

The opener, "I Love You" immediately pulls the listener in. Chains of Logic seem intent on making sure each individual that takes the exploration with them understands that the future is in the hands of that individual. The production by JSteev is top-notch and a mind trip particularly with the interspersed whispers of "I Love You" and "nothing will change." The title track, which is separated into a Part 1 and Part 2 - dance across the speakers. The former being more subdued and relaxed and the latter whizzing and revolving around a harmony of sounds.

"Cause of Death" unveils a dubstep vibe that is both experimental noteworthy while "Desperately Alone" is mystifying in that where one would think it'd be full of gloom and doom, is actually the reverse. The track is full of buoyant and zippy precision. JSteev perhaps was sending a message that being alone can be a sunny and lively experience because it is not the same as being lonely.

The final track, "We're All In It Together" pulls the entire experience that is Age of Progress into a nice arrangement. Chains of Logic sends a reminder that in spite of contrary perspective, we are indeed all in this life together.

Age of Progress is the second full length release from Chains of Logic. JSteev, the mastermind behind the project, has been involved in the electronic music business for more than 20 years and that in itself speaks to the detail that this project exhibits and provides insight into why every track on Age of Progress is exceptional.

Final Grade: A

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