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'Cell 213' DVD Review

'Cell 213'
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Cell 213


Criminal defense attorney Michael Gray (Eric Balfour) is one of those type of attorneys that you love to hate. He will pay off witnesses or have someone get rid of them to benefit his clients. He will take an attractive co-worker into the bathroom and have sex with her while talking to his wife. In other words he is scum.

Now justice seems to finally come to this piece of crap attorney when he is about to get a child killer out of jail and the law catches up to him. He in turn gets sent to South River State Penitentiary when he gets framed for murdering a client. Whether or not he is guilty of the crime matters not for his past misdeeds should have landed him there years ago.

Here's the beauty of this prison it's a living hell. There is a sadistic guard played by Michael Rooker who simply just loves to harass the inmates. The warden played by Bruce Greenwood is nuts to just put it bluntly. He is one scary son of a gun. Gray is put into cell 213 which is not your ordinary prison cell. This is a cell that for any better purpose is a living hell. There are forces at work to either prove your innocence or guilt and if found guilty these forces will send you to hell.

There is a scene in the beginning of the movie when a prisoner is embalming another dead prisoner and he makes the statement that if you took all the embalming fluid used in the United States in one year you could fill 12 Olympic swimming pools. That's a lot of fluid and if true it does make you think.

Eone brings to us this horror tale on DVD July 22, 2014 for our viewing pleasure. There are some scenes in the movie that you may have to look extra careful at but the quality of sound and visual are of the highest quality. This is one horror film that you will definitely want in your library. So take the time to pick it up and one dark stormy night you will want to take the time to sit with your significant other and get ready to see just how terrible payback can be when you've crossed the line.