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Celebrity Chef Carla Pellegrino Introduces Touche Lounge & Rooftop Restaurant

Dining Rooftop Restaurant in Miami


Downtown Miami is mysteriously evolving. Drive through during a night time weekly excursion and continually discover new hot spots, restaurants or lounges that weren't there a few days ago. The area has been mostly ignored after dusk except for the plugged-in foodies, which turns out to be a good thing if you want to experience sensual secluded lounges in a warehouse district with easy access to on-street or valet parking.

Brazilian-born, Italian "Top Chef" star Carla Pellegrino is now at Touche's kitchen helm and she aims to please. Pellegrino has prepared an array of dining dishes that range from classic meatballs and beef lamb lollipops to red snapper with Gaeta olives, teardrop tomatoes and caper berries. A spicy special on her menu is Salmon harissa which as the old saying goes...will put hair on your chest.

Touche is located on the rooftop at 15 NE 11th St. in downtown Miami, 33132, one floor above well-known nightclub E11EVEN. The newly created 7,100 sq. ft. fine dining destination is breathtaking. It has a 360-degree view of the Miami skyline, indoor/outdoor seating and a retractable roof. With a vast cooking staff, a full bar and plenty of delicious dishes for their clients, it is a welcomed addition to design dining at an elegant environment in an unexpected area.

Chef Pellegrino has appeared on Bravo's Top Chef and is a VIP member of the James Beard Foundation. She has also launched NYC's critically acclaimed Baldoria and Vegas' culinary gathering places such as Meatball Spot, Bacio and RAO's Las Vegas at Caesars Palace. Go enjoy this delicious new dining experience in an amazing international rooftop restaurant before it gets inundated with the local movers and shakers. (