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Celebrating Black Music Month: Angela Bryant-Brown

Celebrating Black Music Month: Angela Bryant-Brown
Celebrating Black Music Month: Angela Bryant-Brown
Angela Bryant-Brown

In Hymn I Trust


June, with its beautiful sunny days and rising temperatures, is the first of the summer months. It is also a special time to celebrate all genres of Black music. Officially dubbed, Black Music Month, by President Jimmy Carter in 1979, the month of June offers a set-time for the world to enjoy and discover the rich legacy of Black music. One genre of Black music that has influenced almost every type of music - including pop, R & B, blues and country – is gospel music.

From the soul-stirring sound of Mahalia Jackson to the upbeat rhythm of Kirk Franklin, gospel music encompasses a range of artists – black and white – with varying sounds and one unique purpose. In the coming weeks, as a tribute to Black Music Month, this column will spotlight Black, Christian/Gospel artists in the Baltimore/DC metropolitan region who sing solely for the purpose of sharing an intentional message with listeners about what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This week’s spotlight is on Angela Bryant-Brown.

Teen mentor, mom and wife, Angela Bryant-Brown does everything in excellence, including singing for the Lord. With several CDs under her belt, Bryant-Brown took a moment out of her busy schedule to talk about one of her CD projects: In Hymn I Trust.

Lynn Pinder: What inspired you to do the In Hymn I Trust CD?

Angela Bryant-Brown: The inspiration behind this project is two fold. First, I highly respect the hymns and their simple, yet powerful unadulterated message of the gospel. In a time when the world has become chaotic, peace of mind is hard to find. The pure melody and message of the hymns is healing to the sin-sick soul. Secondly, I wanted to introduce to the younger generation - as well as re-introduce to the seasoned church members - the music cornerstone, in my opinion, of gospel music with a tasteful, modern flavor. In Hymn I Trust does just that.

LP: What is the significance, if any, of the CD's title?

AB: The title, In Hymn I Trust, says it all. To put it short and sweet, no matter how many people fail and disappoint us, we can always rely and trust in God. He'll never fail you!

LP: What impact do you hope the CD will make on listeners? AB: I pray that this project will speak to each listener right where they are. I want it to minister to them personally, just like it did for me. When that happens, its purpose has been fulfilled.

LP: What was your purpose for launching this CD project?
AB: To point each listener back to the Savior Jesus Christ and to do it without the noise and distraction that so much of the gospel music today offers.

LP: How can people get copies of your CDs?
AB: To purchase my music, go to, and iTunes. In addition to singing and songwriting, I also do in-home concerts. I am available to speak and/or sing at events targeting youth and women. To book me, call David Williams at 757-537-4460 or my office at 703-314-2990. I can be followed on twitter @sounds4thesoul and on Facebook as Angela Bryant-Brown.