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Celebrate grandparents with great read alouds

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Families will celebrate Grandparents' day on Sunday, September 7, this year. Grandparents bring a lot to families with their child-rearing experience, their link to the past with family history stories, and participation in family activities. Great read-alouds are a perfect way to open a discussion with children about their grandparents. Even if grandparents have passed away, families can still celebrate the day with reading about grandparents and what they offered when they were alive. These chosen books about grandparents are just a few that are available for family reading on this special day.

Grandmas are great
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*"Grandparent Poems" is a beautiful collection of poems about grandparents that has been compiled by John Micklos, and illustrated by Layne Johnson. Grandparents tell stories, bake, and garden, and children enjoy participating in these activities with their grandparents. The 22 poems have been selected to remind children and their parents of the fun and treasured moments that families spend with grandparents. The illustrations are appealing and colorful, and children will be able to relate to the activities in each poem. The artwork for each poem is realistic. This collection of poems about grandparents was published by Boyd Mills Press, and has an ISBN of 9781563979002. This collection of poems about grandparents is recommended for ages 5-12.

*:A Special Day for Grandparents" by Genevieve Aguon Arbitrario is a fun read-aloud about three children who celebrate their grandparents on Grandparents' Day and then decide to start a new family tradition of celebrating their grandparents every Thanksgiving. This book is a great example of family values and a sense of belonging that children can learn. This story might inspire your own children to start a new family tradition to celebrate their grandparents. "A Special Day for Grandparents" was published by AuthorHouse, and has an ISBN of 9781481715362.

*Spot Visits His Grandparents" by a favorite children's author, Eric Hill, is a fun read-aloud on Grandparents' Day for toddlers and preschoolers. Spot, the dog, is a favorite character that children can relate to, and the activities that he participates in with his grandparents will be ones that children can easily relate to. Spot finds an old ball in the garden while visiting his grandparents. the ball is one that his mom played with. Finding the ball that his mom played with offers the concept that grandparents link parents and children together. Colorful illustrations and fun lift-the-flaps are appealing to young children. This book was published by Penguin Group, and has an ISBN of 9780142403600.

Choose a great read-aloud this Sunday, September 7. and celebrate the grandparents in your family's life.

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