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CD Review: Watchtower - "Energetic Disassembly"

Zombo Records

Watchtower - Energetic Disassembly

Zombo Records (1985)

Rating: A-

Jason McMaster has balls. For his 40-minute vocal debut, McMaster screams like they were tied to a two-seater's tailpipe.

Bassist Doug Keysar steers through the bumpy Texas terrain with the skill of a rallycross racer, while drummer Rick Colaluca charts the duo's turns via a pre-satellite 1980s electronic navigation system.

Barely audible above the screams and the front-seat banter, Billy White's guitar static oscillates, picking up low-wattage radio signals.

Without warning -- gas tank three-fourths full -- the vehicle breaks down along TX mile marker 87:

Jason McMaster split.

Notes: Monster Underground's 2004 remaster doesn't fix Energetic Disassembly's AM Radio production values, but the added band comments and 'zine clippings make the reissue worthwhile.

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