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CD review: The variety that is Victor Montequin’s ‘Out Of My Mind’

Victor Montequin “Out Of My Mind”
Victor Montequin “Out Of My Mind”
CD cover

Victor Montequin’s “Out Of My Mind”


It’s rare to come across a CD with 15 songs on it anymore, but that’s what the listener gets with Victor Montequin’s CD “Out Of My Mind.” Most singer/songwriters would split all those songs into two or even three different releases, but then Orlando based singer/songwriter Victor Montequin doesn’t appear to be someone who adheres to standard guidelines. For instance, he won’t classify any one specific genre for his music, preferring instead to let each of his songs stand as they are created, whatever genre they may fall into.

After listening to “Out Of My Mind” it’s easy to see why there isn’t an easy label to put on his music. The 15 songs on the CD span a variety of genres from pop to rock, jazz, dance, country and everything in between.

The CD opens with “The Fall,” an up-tempo song with a vintage country feel and upright bass sound and would fit right in on any jug band’s playlist. The electronica flavored “Pop Song” swirls together pulsating beats, a heavy, thudding bassline and special vocal effects for a unique sound. The ultra-catchy reggae flavored “I Have A Right” is one of the standout tracks on the CD. The horns deliver a smooth jazz feel to “Chasing Rainbows.”

There are several songs on “Out Of My Mind” that are piano based, but that’s where their similarities end. “I Can’t Cry Anymore” starts out soft and gentle, building momentum through the song while “I’m Still Waiting For You” has an ominous dark vibe. The piano and strings on “Whisper” add to the dramatic tone of the vocals.

The piano based song “Perfect” is intriguing in the way the overall feel of the song changes from beginning to end. It starts of with a sarcastic air as Montequin sings “Open up my window pane/smell the air/it starts to rain/that’s perfect, oh perfect” and “Got two shoes but just one sock/that’s perfect, that’s just perfect.” By the end of the song, there’s a whole new tone to the phrases with perfect, “Count her fingers/count her toes/she’s perfect, she’s just perfect” and the last two lines of the song “No, life’s not perfect/but it is worth it.”

It’s a fun CD to listen to with catchy, relatable lyrics delivered in a varying musical style from one song to the next. Montequin is definitely not a songwriter who’s music would ever be called one-dimensional.

“Out Of My Mind” is available on Amazon, iTunes and Bandcamp. Music fans can keep up with Victor Montequin and his music on Facebook, Reverbnation and Twitter.