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CD review: Stereo-Type’s diverse demo

Live photos of Stereo-Type
Live photos of Stereo-Type
Kat Coffin

Stereo-Type's demo


This first release from Orlando area Indie band Stereo-Type doesn’t have any specific title beyond demo, but it works as a “title” for this release because it does seem to define what the listener gets. On the demo, Stereo-Type demonstrates a wide range of musical styles, possibly as an experiment with different sounds to find their niche or they’ve found their niche through diversity. Either way, it makes for a terrific listening experience.

Stereo-Type's logo
band logo

The band’s punk roots show through on most of their songs, sometimes in the music, sometimes in the lyrics and sometimes both, but from there, their music takes many different twists and turns, flirting with multiple genres and a classic sound.

The first song, “You Know Who You Are,” features wild, jagged punk rhythms wrestling with an earthy rock vibe and vocals high in the mix. The machine gun chatter musical delivery and vocal style on “I’m A Weirdo” is a throwback to the early days of punk. “Universe” has a more alternative style, with edgy music swirling through a psychedelic atmosphere.

The combination of the rapid vocals and steady beating music on “Broken String” make the song stick with the listener long after the song finishes playing. The softer “Insomniac” sounds about as far away from punk music as a song can get, but lyrically it does share some punk attitude. “Look” has an urgent feel with its mix of clean and unclean vocals and sporadic shifts in tempo.

As the six varied songs suggest, the band has a highly diverse sound and whether that’s by experiment or design, it doesn’t matter because demo still makes for an enjoyable musical earful. Plus, it’s a great way to expose listeners to some musical styles and genres they might not otherwise try out.

Music fans can check out Stereo-Type on Facebook, ReverbNation and Twitter. The band has several upcoming shows so fans to catch them live including Pegasus Lounge (Tampa) April 26, Brass Mug (Tampa) May 3, Rackem Billiards (Cape Coral) May 24, The Haven (Orlando) June 20 and the Brass Mug (Tampa) on July 12.