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CD Review: Steel Panther - "All You Can Eat" (2014)

STEEL PANTHER "All You Can Eat" 2014
STEEL PANTHER "All You Can Eat" 2014

Steel Panther - All You Can Eat


CD Review: Steel Panther – “All You Can Eat” (2014)

The wait is over, the return of Steel Panther with a brand new release “All You Can Eat.” This CD has all you can dream about or wanted from Steel Panther. It has all the love, story-lines, and love advice packed into one delicious release. Steel Panther are coming off their last album “Balls Out”(2011) which garnered international spotlights and national airplay on terrestrial stations with the single “17 Girls In A Row.”

Steel Panther has been on the road and supporting the upcoming release with putting out videos to “All You Can Eat” which showed “Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World” which has been a major viewing success on the net. The followup video “The Burden of Being Wonderful” is on a continuous rise.

“All You Can Eat” starts off with the classic guitar virtuoso playing of Satchel with sweet melodic acoustic buildup to the power drill riff of “Pussywhipped” which has such a strong delicate meaning embedded within it. This song sets the stage for the entire release. It give you the strength of all the members musically. What you will be surprised to hear is how Michael Starr has progressed vocally. He seems to be lowering his range a bit which opens the band up to more areas sonically. One of the most notably vernacular sound you will hear is Michael’s emphasis on the letter “A.” He seems to be carving his niche and embedding it in the songs and will most likely be passed on to future singers. Sort of like the Axl Rose and James Hetfield’s trademark stylings. Back to the song, it is an all-out ball-buster song with great lyrics as well as Satchel belting out some mighty squeals and harmonics. Rock anthem song “Party Like Tomorrow is the End of the World” which captivates the idea of what will happen if this is truly the ending. Why not forget about the bad stuff and worry about partying, sex, and do whatever you have always wanted to do. An instant classic. “Gloryhole” is the riff driven song with screaming solos throughout and of course covers the ideology of what to expect at a “Gloryhole.” Really sweet and bad ass song. Lyrics are extremely catchy and hooky. Looking for a love song? Well here is the next track “Bukkake Tears” which is an eloquent song which you will find yourself singing the chorus after the first one is sung. “There Was So much love on your face, I couldn’t see the tears” is just a quote from one of the most gifted love songs of this century. Any song that talks about a guy hooking his women up with 10 guys in a loving situation. There is only one way to follow that song and it is with the rockin song “Gangbang At The Old Folks Home” which is a pretty sweet story about a guy delivering a pizza which ending up in a gangbang with people over the age of 76. Some of the most creative lyrics are heard on this track. Here’s an example of a line from the song, “These golden girls really been around the block, I got a rim-job from one while she was knitting some socks.” This is a must listen to song. Not to mention the outstanding guitar solo which fits perfectly. “Ten Strikes You’re Out” is a song about what not to do in a relationship and gives you a guide of what to follow. This is such a sweet song. Great sliding riff and of course a lyrical masterpiece. The second single on this release is “The Burden of Being Wonderful” is a classic hard rock ballad track and will have you singing to it and swaying to it. One that you will definitely be hitting rewind over and over again. The track “Fucking My Heart in the Ass” is a straight up hard rocking song which has a great poppy flash and has that classic Darkness band riff sound to it. Great hook in the chorus and will have you singing along with it. The name of the song tells you what it’s all about. “BVS” which stands for Big Vagina Syndrome is more of medical song and tells you what it is all about and how it is to try and rid the world of BVS. “BVS is a bit like shooting hoops with a tennis ball, it’s easy to get it in there, but it doesn’t satisfy at all” that line give you the vibe. The last love song on this release is “You’re Beautiful When You Don’t Talk” is such a wonderful classic song. Another one that you will be swaying to and singing along before the song is half done. Classic sound and of course the lyrics is extremely strong. “It’s clear your parent’s dropped you on your head” gotta love it when someone really breaks down the meaning of why someone is so dumb. They even say that “You are beautiful when you don’t talk, the attention span of a pet rock” a true love song. The whole band shines on this track. Satchel of course makes the solo flow perfectly. “If I Was The King” is a sweet grooving track which is strong from beginning to end with a really great story line. Which gives the view of Sir Michael Starr in his land that reigns over. A must listen to. Closing out this new album is the track “She’s On The Rag” is a reality song about, well it tells it all and what happens when love-making happens during this time of the month. A really fun song and great solo.

Overall: I give Steel Panther’s “All You Can Eat” a 5/5 stars. There are no sissy tracks, no filler songs and great lyrics. The band has really jelled on this one and lyrics are extremely dynamic and are fluid. Steel Panther really make this a great metal story telling album filled with what to do’s and what not to do. It is a happy album that you will not regret getting. It will make you smile listening to it. “All You Can Eat” should go down as the top CD of the year. It will be hard to find something that will deliver more power and good than this one.

All You Can Eat Track Listing

01. Pussywhipped
02. Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World
03. Gloryhole
04. Bukkake Tears
05. Gangbang At The Old Folks Home
06. Ten Strikes You’re Out
07. The Burden Of Being Wonderful
08. F@#king My Heart In The Ass
09. BVS
10. You’re Beautiful When You Don’t Talk
11. If I Was The King
12. She’s On The Rag


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