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CD Review: Rev Theory / Justice

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CD Review: Rev Theory / Justice


I was assigned the task of reviewing Rev Theory's third studio album for TheyWillRockYou. I also had the privilege of reviewing their second album (Light It Up) in 2008, which you can read about here. I guess time flies when you're rocking out! I thought this would be a great comparison between the two albums, hear the band's progress, which direction they go musically and how I would like the new album.

Rev Theory's third studio album is called Justice, and it's due out on February 15th. This should be a good "starter present" since it's a week before my birthday! Anytime I review a band like this coming out with their third album, caution creeps in. After bands come out with a vengeance on their debut, many times they disappoint on their sophomore release, trying too hard to be "radio friendly" and veering away from that initial aggression. That's their prerogative; so be it. It sells, and they’re making for a living either way, so more power to them. It still isn’t much fun for the listener though.

Being that this is #3 for Rev Theory, the question is if they would fall into that same trap. I can say with a resounding "NO!" that it’s not the case. Holy mother of Lemmy does this album rock. On their third album, it sounds more like Truth Is Currency than Light It Up, certainly a welcome change from how most bands progress. Both albums are great in their own way, and Rev Theory expanded their fan base with Light It Up, but Justice has that raw edge to it again, and I think fans will love this. In my opinion, this is their best album yet. Terry Date (Soundgarden, Deftones, Pantera) did a superb job producing this album. Let"s go through the tracks and see how it sounds.

Click here to read the rest of my in-depth review for Justice on TheyWillRockYou.



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