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CD Review of the compilation CD, "Satellite Symphony" Volume 1

Compilation CD - Satellite Symphony Volume 1 - Music from Beyond Borders



Artwork from the Satellite Symphony Volume 1  CD Project
Artwork from the Satellite Symphony Volume 1 CD Project
2014 Satellite CD Project
CD Artwork for Satellite Symphony
2014 Satellite Symphony Project

"Satellite Symphony," - Music From Beyond Borders

Totemic Revival by Adam Meachem starts off with a long instrumental piece that sounds like something from mid Fleetwood Mac meets Kansas’ Dust in the Wind. Not unpleasant but far from my personal cup of tea. Some people will enjoy it immensely as the melodic work is good.

Created for a Special Purpose by Leferia has a rather infectious melody that is hard to get out of your head. Again this is more eclectic than I usually listen to and not likely to be something that I would choose for regular rotation on my playlist but it’s a good production, especially the female vocals.

Greatest Distraction by Sean David the song seems a little buried in its self. It is a good song but the production of it seems to be almost amateurish. If that is what they were going for then they nailed it. I would love to hear this with better production.

We’ve Got Each Other by Skylight Parade the opening of this song got my toes tapping. A little like an early Cheap Trick vibe going on. The production is decent and the mix is not bad at all. This could be am FM radio hit. Not mainstream but a good little tune to put on and crank up.

Wicked Women by Soul Insomnis opens up with a nice little riff that had me expecting to hear a Metallica style vocalist. I was surprised to hear a vocalist that has a little early Ozzy in his voice. This has great production though at times a little predictable. But either way it does well, especially if you are an old Black Sabbath fan.

How to Heal Myself by Magarza has some decent acoustic guitar work in the start and makes me think of some early Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young material. The song is very listenable though it was, in my opinion a little under produced.

Your Vibe Is a Spell by Linda Jacobsen The counter rhythm of the drums actually works well on this song. It’s definitely one that takes some getting used to. She has a very versatile voice. I could easily here this as music on a funky little indie film playing at the Cannes Festival.

Song of Babylon by Jere Toikka Quartet is Jazz like it was meant to be played. While I am not what you would call a big fan of the genre. I am a fan of horns and this definitely has horns and it is very easy to listen to.

Monferrina by Susan Ann McGee is a nice acoustic guitar piece that is well played and fairly well recorded. Although I hear a little too much resonance on the guitar almost like it is trying to reach feedback and never quite makes it. It is a nice little interlude.

Crystal Dreamer by Andres Lyles uses some vocal effects to sing the song adds to the mystery of the tune. While a little bit is good. I think that it was overused and actually distracts from the songs potential.

Misunderstood by Imagine That starts off and I am waiting for Bruce Springsteen to start singing. Imagine my shock at the female vocal. It works well. I think that the actual mix is a little muddy but other than that it’s a good song.

Choose by Jesse Froebel is an eighties style song that is quite good. Well arranged, well recorded and well done. There is a Heart meets the Runaways meets Abba thing going on here. I know that sounds impossible but it is happening and it works well. The only issue I hear is that the lead solo seems a little forced and out of place.

The artwork on the CD is pretty interesting as well as the cover and the back. It is in eco-friendly packaging which I am a big proponent. They call this CD Satellite Symphony because this project is the brain child of Tom Hess and a program he heads called, Tom Hess Music Careers Mentoring Program. For most of these writers, this was a first time CD project. The writers/artists on this project are literally from all over the world. Various parts of the individual tracks were recorded in different locations but I am not sure if they were leveled out in mastering. The sequencing probably should have been acoustic to heavy tunes to make it easier on the listener’s ears. The concept of putting together a compilation CD like this is pretty cool all in all and this CD is worth a listen. I gave it a 4 star because it could have been mixed and leveled better. I think it is remarkable that people came together from around the world to put together this CD Project.

You can check out the CD Project and get more information at their website.

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