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CD Review: Juke Kartel / Levolution

Juke Cartel's new album "Levolution"
Juke Cartel's new album "Levolution"
Juke Cartel album cover

CD Review: Juke Kartel / Levolution


I've been searching for some new music to get into, and when I was told I get to review Juke Kartel's new album "Levolution" for TheyWillRockYou, I was pumped up. I love every genre of music, but this will be my first exposure to Juke Kartel since I know nothing about them yet. Looking at their last.FM page, I see that they're from Australia and recently made the move to Los Angeles. I see that their "similar artists" are Stone Parade, Storm Large, Toby Rand (the lead singer), Small Mercies and Rockstar Supernova. I'm only familiar with Rockstar Supernova, and after doing a little research, I find that Toby finished 3rd in the Rockstar Supernova competition, so that's pretty cool.

Anyway, "Levolution" was released on September 28th. Is it worth it? Let's check it out. This is my first listen through the album. If I like a track, I'll listen to it again (and likely many times after I finish this review). Starting out, when the lead track "Anybody Out There" began, it sounded like I was listening to Sigur Rós for the first 30 seconds or so. This upbeat opening track reminds me of Brian Van Meter and Temple Scene's type of music.

Who does Toby Rand sound like? I'm trying to figure it out through the early part of this album. The second track "My Baby" is a mid-tempo aggressive track that reminds me of a weaker version of My Chemical Romance (first repeat track of the album for me). Lyrically the track talks about the rollercoaster that is a rock and roll relationship. Enter at your own risk.

Is the album worth it? What tracks stand out and are worthy of your hard-earned dollars and cents (and clicks) to download? Click here to read the rest of the review (track by track) on TheyWillRockYou.

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